A&R Sessions #020 - Jackin House w/ Matt Pruitt & Angelo Ferreri

Up next we have Matt Pruitt aka 4Peace in for an hour of those Jackin’ beats! He’ll also be bringing a friend to the party.. An alumnus of Nervous, Mood Funk Records, Moulton, Guesthouse, Material and many more.. Angelo Ferreri is a household name amongst Traxsource lovers and he’s diving right in for a banging hour featuring Rick Marshall, Demuir, Scrubfish, and many many more!

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A&R Sessions #012 - Jackin House - Matt Pruitt

For week 12, we bring back our Jackin’ House manager, Matt Pruitt. Matt’s been looking after our Jackin’ House genre since 2011, playing an instrumental role in the recognition and support of the genre. You’ll find him out spinning records under the name 4Peace and his career to date has seen him own his own record store in Texas Tech*Sun Records and spend several years as a music reviewer for Elevated Beat magazine alongside running his 3 labels Juiced Music, Cabbie Hat Recordings & UHHQ.

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A&R Sessions #004 - Jackin House with Matt Pruitt

Each week we showcase the talents of our dedicated A&R team and deliver up 1 hour of the finest uninterrupted underground music. Our talented A&Rs select the tracks they’ve been spinning out and record the mix themselves, showing off their skills and the genre they love.

Next up we have our...

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