Traxsource LIVE! #7 with Tommy Bones

This week on Traxsource LIVE!, House veteran Tommy Bones steps up to the decks for our special guest mix. Over his 25+ years in the game, he’s had numerous releases on respected labels like NRK, Real Tone, King Street, InHouse, Wonderwax & Defected.  And his recent project for the newly relaunched Strictly Rhythm entitled “Black Concept” (which is out now Exclusively on Traxsource) is perfectly fine-tuned for today’s modern underground dance floor.

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Tommy Bones - In 5 Records

With Tommy Bones’ upcoming ‘Black Concept’ EP on the recently revived Strictly Rhythm Records coming first Exclusively to Traxsource this Monday (March 23rd, 2015) – He shares 5 records from his catalogue over the years that have shaped his career.

And don’t miss Tommy Bones on Traxsource LIVE, March 27th, 2015]

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Tommy Bones Miami bomb

Spinna: When Tommy handed me the rough draft, I took one listen in the headphones and I gave him that look (you know when your face gets twisted up like… OMG this is fire!!!)

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