About Traxsource

Not everybody understands house music.

This phrase has never been more relevant than in today’s over-saturated market of ghost producers, cake throwers and unplugged DJ sets but Traxsource’s roots can be traced all the way back to the very foundations that real house music was built upon.

Company founders Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy have been involved in the scene since it’s humble beginnings and continue to carry the torch a quarter of a century later.

Traxsource is the modern home for real house music.

Traxsource is a unique electronic music store created and curated by DJs with decades of experience in the scene. Our drive is fuelled by one ethos – to operate ‘a music store with the attitude of independent record label’. From selling bespoke vinyl in the halcyon days of house to digital music to today’s tech-savvy audience, our team has always delivered the perfect platform for the finest labels and producers to promote their artistry.

Alongside supporting the hottest labels on the scene such as Defected, Freerange, Toolroom, Large Music and Simma Black, plus producers like Low Steppa, Detroit Swindle, Oliver Dollar, Purple Disco Machine and Green Velvet, we continue to actively seek out the ‘next big thing’ and help nurture fresh talent. Many big labels look to Traxsource to find their latest sounds and the new artists they want to sign, with the site a well-established arena for discovering talent. It’s not unusual to see a relatively unknown producer plucked from obscurity and propelled to the next stage of their career thanks to our support of the underground and our A&R capabilities. Our team have decades of experience in spotting the next superstar and many labels know that if Traxsource is promoting an artist, there’s a good reason why!

The website hits continue to grow, with a social media reach of almost 500,000 people a week and climbing and our in-house radio show ‘Traxsource LIVE!’ has a worldwide syndication of over 4 million listeners every week, steadily growing as more people begin to understand the true sound of the underground.

In the beginning…

To understand the Traxsource journey, we have to rewind back to 1995 to a fateful meeting between sound engineer and musician Marc Pomeroy and club DJ Brian Tappert. Their first studio session together led to the timeless classic ‘Deliver Me’, which is still recognised as one of the most musically intricate pieces of soulful house ever produced. Frankie Knuckles was so taken with the track that he played it relentlessly for a full year, off a rough demo on cassette tape!

Marc and Brian decided to combine their unique musical chemistry to become ‘Jazz N Groove’, going on to release records on classic labels Bassline, Suburban, Strictly Rhythm and AM:PM and even having the honour of scoring the first ever release on the mighty Defected Records (and a UK chart no.8) with the seminal Marc Pomeroy production ‘Can’t Get Enough’.

In 1996, the two founded their own label: Soulfuric Records, an imprint that quickly became the benchmark for top quality house music worldwide, being home to the first releases from Copyright, Hardsoul and (then) little known Swedish producer Axwell. It was actually Axwell who sent his first tracks into Soulfuric on MP3 via the Internet around 1999, proclaiming that this method of music distribution was the future. Brian and Marc thought he was crazy, but Axwell was adamant, insisting that ‘someone smart would work out how to make money from these MP3s’.
The idea was born.

Soulfuric opened a vinyl distribution outlet, working with artists like Miguel Migs, Basement Boys, Philly Groove and Kaskade and continuing to push high quality house music whilst desperately trying to work out how to fill the growing digital demand. With no existing model for downloads available online, the idea of selling music solely through the internet was considered quite insane at the time but Axwell’s vision of how music could be distributed quickly and easily always remained and, after three years of careful planning and development, we became one of the world’s first digital download sites in October 2004. Conceived initially as an outlet for Soulfuric releases, we are now home to over 20,000 labels and a staggering 250,000 artists!

Traxsource champions the underground

Every member of our team is a fully-fledged house aficionado, many of them having joined us in the early Soulfuric days, from our Operations Director – Sheldon Prince who joined Soulfuric straight from college in 1999 to the legendary Cleptomaniac John ‘Julius’ Knight. We pride ourselves on supporting the scene and cultivating the true underground House sound and as a result we are held in high regard by DJs, producers and labels around the world. We still retain that old-school vibe when it comes to featuring tracks and labels on the site, with every submission vetted by genre managers for quality control in the same way a record shop would choose which releases to feature on their shelves.

Whether it’s producing, playing or distributing digital music today or vinyl ‘back in the day’, our team continues to provide the finest underground sounds to an ever-growing army of supporters.

This house wasn’t built in a day. It was carefully crafted through decades of industry knowledge and hard work on the front line of the scene. Our roots can be found in the very genesis of the house music movement and we still, to this day, offer a platform for the truly underground artists, labels and producers to flourish.

Not everybody understands house music, but we do.