EXCLUSIVE! 6th Borough Project Q&A with Craig Smith

UK duo Craig Smith & Graeme Clark aka 6th Borough Project have worked together in the studio for almost a decade, producing house jams and exploring long forgotten funk and dusty disco dubs. Craig has been DJing since 1987 and Graeme has been in the production game for over 15 years. You can find their original productions and remixes on reputable labels like Tsuba Records, Delusions Of Grandeur, Nurvous Records, Glasgow Underground, ITH, !K7 & Permanent Vacation to name a few.

We caught up with one half of the 6th Borough Project production team Craig Smith to chat about Music, his label & more in this Exclusive Interview.

The Interview

1) Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now?

I’m currently right in the middle of moving house so you can imagine it’s boxes everywhere! It will be worth it though as the new place has a great studio space above it so it’ll be great to have a new creative work place.

2) Where does your artist name emanate from, what’s its meaning & why did you choose it?

Growing up I was always interested and took influences from american culture, music, film, fashion etc, especially New York so it’s just a little play on the Burgh/Borough thing.

3) What’s it like running a Record Label – and what do you want to accomplish as an imprint?

As anyone who runs a label knows it can be hard work these days and there’s not a massive amount of money floating about but the chance to expose the music of artist you love (and your own if you produce) to people that may not have heard it is amazing. Also the fact that you have creative control over the look and sound is a great thing and something you don’t always get when releasing through other labels. With that in mind we always work with our artists to make sure they are happy with the release from sound to artwork. I want people to still be listening to our releases in 10/15 years and beyond. Music that has quality, that lasts.

4) What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

My soul

5) Any advice for your fans on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

It’s maybe a cliche but be true to yourself, try to find your own sound, not just whats fashionable. Everybody has their idols our is influenced by someone somewhere down the line but try forge those influences into something new, something creative.

6) Best gig of 2014 so far and why?

Last 2 gigs have been superb, 7hr set in Paris where we got to play all sorts to a great crowd and then 9am start at Panorama Bar, Berlin, which was one of the craziest, and most enjoyable places I’ve ever played.

7) What/who inspires you? People with passion and vision and the direction to see that vision through, whatever it takes. I try to keep close friends like that as they inspire even when you are maybe losing faith.

8) What’s next for you?

Touring the new 6th Borough LP with Graeme which is always fun. Continue running the label Fifty Fathoms Deep with Peter Oakden (watch out for his debut LP as Frederick out late March…….stunning). I have new solo single coming out on Teng very soon, a 6 track EP done for a japan only ltd cd release through a sub label of Graeme’s Roar Groove imprint and are currently recording tracks for my full length solo LP which hopefully should be out at the end of 2014.

6th Borough Project New Album ‘Borough 2 Borough’ is out now on Traxsource.

6th Borough Project

Fifty Fathoms Deep

Delusions Of Grandeur