5 Things You Don't Know About Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo

Both Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo reside in Spain. Ramiro started producing in 2006 while Miguel is relatively new to the game with his tracks starting out in 2010. The duo since then have have notched up successful releases on respected label like Circus, Bedrock, Cecille, KD Music, Noir, Terminal M, Tronic, SCI+TEC, Sincopat, Suara, Waveform, Diynamic, 8bit & ITH to name a few. Ramiro is also a well travelled DJ playing at clubs all around the world in cities like Sao Paulo ,Beijing, Berlin & Ibiza.

With their ‘Be High EP’ out now on Traxsource via Circus Recordings. Yousef’s label drops in with some interesting facts about them both.

  • 1) Many people think that Ramiro is from Barcelona and Miguel is Chilenian but both are from the same area in Spain called “La Mancha” in the center of Spain. This area is very famous for their olive oil, wine and cheese. People from this region are called “Manchegos”. The main city of La Mancha is Toledo, a beautiful tourist city filled with historical monuments.
  • 2) Ramiro has a passion for food and cooking! He loves to discover new flavours, try recipes and the most important thing: share with friends. He used to do friend’s reunions where he cooks and shares good food, beers and wine. Everytime he travels, he takes advantage of the trip to sample local specialities. Miguel also loves the food (of course!), and visits many restaurants but he prefers to just enjoy it rather than spend time in the kitchen. Asian food and a good Gazpacho are his picks for a perfect meal. And beer to drink.
  • 3) Previously Ramiro was a sports teacher and gym instructor before he made the decision to focus 100% on music. He graduated in the sports university of Toledo. Ramiro still does sports regularly. His favorite sport activities nowadays are gym, swimming, handball and table tennis. Miguel is an avid football fan. He used to play it and is a big supporter of Real Madrid. He never misses a match! At only 23 years yars old, he considers himself fortunate to work full-time with music – a dream come true for him.
  • 4) Despite having a great relationship and having worked together on many projects, Ramiro and Miguel only have met in person twice and to this day have never had the chance to DJ together. Communication and work is carried out mostly by Skype and phone.
  • 5) Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo are their real names. “Lopez” is a very common surname in Spain but there aren’t many people with the name of “Ramiro”. With Miguel it’s the complete opposite: “Miguel” is a common name but “Lobo” is kind of a strange last name. “Lobo” means “Wolf” by the way!

Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo latest release ‘Be High EP’ is out now on Traxsource

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