5 Things you don't know about Luka (We Go Deep)

Anthony Kasirivu aka Luka, is a talented house producer from Mafikeng, South Africa. He started making music in 2004 and founded his label “We Go Deep” in 2012. With an eclectic fusion of lounge, nujazz, soulful hip-hop, deep dub, techno and tribal in Luka’s music, his projects have landed on labels such as Peng, Fomp, Peng Africa, Dark Energy and have given him the ability to work with a broad range of artists such as The Rurals, Andy Compton, Joseph Hines, Shur-I-Kan, Steve Paradise, Dj Ankletap and many others.

Below is an extensive documentary video about Luka’s background

Luka’s latest offering ‘Love Glow feat Alison Crockett’ is out now on Traxsource via his We Go Deep imprint. Luka fills us in with some interesting facts about himself.

  • 1) I constantly get told I’m too serious by close friends but I think it’s what makes me work as hard as I do. But yes, I’m always game for a glass of well aged whiskey outside on a beautiful day when time allows.
  • 2) I read a lot, hmmm that’s not that interesting actually haha. I also meditate as often as I can because it centers my thoughts.
  • 3) I’ve been using the pseudo name Luka from the get go. I might release music under the alias ‘Dream station’, but much later down the line.
  • 4) I’m not a superstitious person but one thing I’m sure of is, your imagination will always be what sets you apart from everyone else.
  • 5) During my time at University in Joburg, before my accident, I worked with good friends conceptualising designs for t-shirts. We’d then use a silk screen printer to print the designs onto the t-shirt and sell them. That changed the way I saw my creative side as opposed to the standard studying and then working towards a 9 to 5 job. The fact you could create something and make some sort of financial gain instead of just working for a salary. Being creative is awesome but having business insight is important.

Luka (We Go Deep) latest release ‘Love Glow feat Alison Crockett’ is out now on Traxsource

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