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Prolific Bristol-based house connoisseur Andy Compton started playing and producing music at the age of 16, leaning towards Jazz, Soul and African music to define his unique sound. Since discovering house music in the early ’90s he’s has had over 20 albums and over 100 EPs (either under his own name or as part of The Rurals) on his Peng label and imprints like Ralf GUM’s GOGO Music, Chicago’s LARGE Music, Seasons, Viva, Hed Kandi and many others. Compton has solidified his reputation as one of the most respected house music players on the planet. And to celebrate his latest Album project ‘Ubuntu’ – which just recently dropped on Traxsource, Andy shares 5 definitive records that has shaped his extensive career.

1. The Rurals – Re active

This song was written in 1996 by myself and Pete Morris, for a double pack e.p that was named “Greenbelt e.p”, on the label “Idea” (which i started with Neil Macey from Ideal Distribution) and was our 3rd ever wax release. Neils press release simply stated that an anonymous DAT had been sent to his office, with just a following address to send the cheques, so no one had an idea who we were!! The e.p flew out and a re-press was done straight away. It got a fab review in DJ mag, and we heard that The soul legend DrBob jones was playing it on his surgery radio show, this was a great start to our releasing career!!

2. The Rurals – So Alive

In 2000 I managed to get a pc, and linked it up to super slow internet! All off a sudden we were connected to the rest of the world! Being stuck in Devon was previously like being in a big bubble. Emails from all over the world started flooding in. One came from a dude called Jon Lemmon from Seattle, he had a label called Viva and he was after a release from us! I sent him the bits I had lying around which were a bit far out, and was scared to release. One of these songs was the crusty old “So Alive” originally written at the old farm studio in 1998, with the chord/keys sneakily sampled from an old atjazz song! We added live bass, guitars, live conga’s, some scrappy beats and Marie Tweek did a fab positive vocal for it, and that was it!! I was shocked, as the song was a hit!! it was licensed to Hed Kandi, supper club, and other comps, and i’ve been told the song has a place in many peoples hearts!

3. The Rurals – That Feelin’

This song was first released on PENG wax then made it to the first album on PENG called “Headsongs”. This was one of the first songs made with my new (old!) Fender Rhodes, Pete Morris playing it of course! I got Gurner in to play the bass, I played wah guitar and put down a skippy minimal house beat. The music was oozing with soul, and Marie Tweek wrote a beautiful soulful vocal for it. The song had amazing feedback! the best coming from Mark Doyle at Jazz Fm, who summoned me up to the big smoke (London) for a meeting at his Jazz Fm HQ, He put it out on a Hed Kandi album (Beach House), and we started our great working relationship from there! We also had the song remixed by the Cue Kids (DJ Bazil) and The trouble Men (DJ Fudge and Bruno Banner).

4. Andy Compton feat. Diviniti – In Love, Again

This was my first solo release, A lot of The Rurals numbers i’d made on my own, but this one was my first solo named single! With the singer from The Rurals leaving I felt really had a point to prove. The music I made with Pete Morris, and it was already dripping with Rural style magic before I had sent it to Diviniti. She had hit me up on myspace and asked to do a collab’! she arranged and recorded the vocals with Detroit’s genius Pirahna head (who also laid down a low harmony). When they sent back the parts i was shocked as to how many parts there were!!! it was like a whole choir, amazed I loaded them on to the music and my jaw dropped!! it was one of the most beautiful and emotional vocals i’d heard, and as I was going through a sticky divorce, so it was like the song was written for me! I still get huge goose bumps attack every time I hear this song. This was the first bond between Devon, UK and Detroit! I have since done many songs with Diviniti, as myself, The Rurals, and COMPTON.

5. Andy Compton Feat. Ziyon – Take It Easy

In Jan’ 2011 I made it to South Africa for my first tour there after releasing my first solo LP “KHOLOFELO” (i’ve now managed to do 12 tours there now to date).
The first night I was there House Africa boss Tim White took me out for a meal, to also meet the legend Dj Vinny Da Vinci. When we were at the restaurant a couple of dudes came over to me and they were like “wow, we love The Rurals” I thought they were fans. After they left Tim asked me if I knew them, i said no. He explained that they were Liquideep, South Africa’s huge house music pop stars!!

My next stop on tour was L.A, where I was lucky to get time in my friend Brads crazy analogue studio. One night we chucked down some beats with the tr808, used the Jupiter for some pads, Moog source for bass, and layered some guitars and ended up with a groovy 100bpm house vibe! When I got back to the UK, I got an email from Liquideeps manager asking if I wanted to do a collab’!!!! I immediately sent him the L.A groove and he sent back a vocal. Once again I was blown away!!! Ziyon is an amazing singer!! and the slow groove allowed him to really give the vocal an R&B flavour, turning the finished product into one of my fave ever collab’s!

Andy Compton’s latest Album release ‘Ubuntu’ is out now on Traxsource

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