Defected release 'Most Rated Miami 2014'

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With the release of Most Rated Miami 2014, mixer and compiler Andy Daniell talks us through some of his favourite cuts from the compilation.

Chasing Kurt – From The Inside (Henrik Schwarz Remix).

This is one of my favourite records that we’ve signed recently. In its original form it’s an incredible record with vocals that constantly blow my mind. But then get arguably one of the most innovative and consistent producers out there, Henrik Schwarz, to do the remix and you have audio heaven. This record reminds me in a strange way of when we signed Storm Queen… I wonder if it will have a similar fate down the line.

Route 94 – Tell You Why.

Ah the man of the moment, Route 94. I’m incredibly happy and proud that he’s just hit the No.1 spot in the UK singles chart with ‘My Love’. This record shows another flavour to his sound. He’s one of the most naturally talented people I’ve met so can’t wait to see what else he’s gonna come up with.

Man Without A Clue – When I Play This Record

We have Kenny Dope to thank for this record. We’d heard him playing it in Ibiza last summer and then we heard it one more time at BPM at the start of the year. We thought it was a bit of an undiscovered gem and love the message behind the vocals. Watch out for some sick remixes coming on this one soon.

Larse – So Long (NiCe7 Remix)

I LOVE the original version of this so much. It was because of this record that we asked Larse to remix Candi Staton ‘Hallelujah Anyway’ which turned out very well indeed. So any remix of this record had to be pretty special to make the grade. NiCe7 smashed it out of the park. They took it in a totally different direction; the vocal cuts and bassline are just perfect. I’ll be playing this one out for a long time to come.

Detriot Swindle – Unfinished Business

Detriot Swindle is an act I’m really excited about at the moment; everything I hear from them I really like. They have a slightly retro sound, but one that also feels very contemporary. Ultimately they just have funk and soul and you can’t ask for much more than that. This record illustrates that perfectly I think and it sounds epic in a club as well.

Tiger Stripes – Sister

This was Loco Dice’s secret weapon for a long time last summer. Paolo Rocco showed me a video of this record being played and for a long time we were both trying to find out what it was. Eventually it dropped and I can finally get it on a compilation. I think this record will sound amazing at a Miami pool party.

Subb-an feat. SYF – Say No More

Possibly my favourite vocalist in dance music SYF teams up with Subb-nn for this one on the ever-excellent Crosstown Rebels imprint. If this isn’t played at Get Lost in Miami then something will have gone terribly wrong, say no more.

Claude Monnet – Powa Beat (The Deepshakerz Remix)

This record just has so much bounce! The bassline just keep things rolling andiIt has a slight Todd Terry vibe to it, but in a very contemporary way. The Deepshakerz are guys I’m keeping a close eye on heading into 2014.

Most Rated Miami 2014 is out now at Traxsource