CJ Jeff - My "Secret" Weapons

Rhythmetic CEO, CJ Jeff was brought to the attention of the dance music circuit when he launched his career in 2001. Born & bred a Greek, Jeff coined a sound that quickly became distinct and recognizable, with a chic aesthetic to match. As a roster regular on Souvenir, These Days, Material and most recently, joining ranks at Skint Records. It is influences such as Massive Attack that have enabled CJ to pursue such career high’s and obtain the perfect balance in his output, neatly tucked in between groove & psychedelic. As a DJ, producer and record label owner (and as driven as ever) Jeff is set to take the next few months firmly in his stride as he takes to remix duties for Booka Shade and new homes such as Bedrock & Lapsus recognize his undeniable talent for release.

Here’s a small selection from his music collection that seriously move his dance-floors.

My 5 Weapons Of Choice…

1. Kameleon – Common Thread (1trax)

A tune I love to start my set with.. Always working great.

2. Paolo Martini & Paul C – Colors (Material)

Nothing to say about this Material hit. Proper big room stuff here from the italian dons.

3. Andrew Grant & Lomez – 3rdwave (EDEC Music)

This track was the most played track in my sets for months. Never fails and its the track that can work in any part of my set.

4. Mihalis Safras – Crouton (Lapsus)

Loving the stab melodies in this one and definitely loving the label.

5. Frankie Watch – Geiri (nice7 remix) (D Floor)

My favorite remix of 2013 that’s till burns the floors. Classic indy break and massive baseline.

CJ Jeff latest release ‘Body Clock’ is out now on Traxsource

CJ Jeff