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Jon Cutler (born 1969) is an American house DJ from Brooklyn. Cutler has lived in New York City all his life. He began DJing at the age of 15 and later on into music journey started releasing 12-inch remixes on his own Distant Music record label in 1997. In 2001, Cutler produced the track “It’s Yours” (featuring E-Man) for Chez Music, which hit #38 on the UK Singles Chart.2 In 2004 and peaked at #23 on the U.S. Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. His other productions and remixes can be found on respectable labels like Papa Records, King Street, Defected, Nervous, Bigga Sounds, Soulfuric, Large Music and many many more

Jon takes some time out of his life to share 5 important tracks that shaped his career.

1. Jon Cutler & Dj Romain – The Ride (Sounds Of Life EP) Distant Music.

This was the 3rd release on Distant Music, but the first one I produced for the label.
I did a handful of records with Romain in the mid 90’s for other labels. This was the 1st Ep for Distant. It was the B-side cut. It never made a lot of noise, but a handful of DJ’s were up on it. I had just bought the Emu sp1200 and it was all about that sampler. The sounds we used were from a juno 106 and roland Jv-80, but we sampled them into the sp1200 to make all the flips.

2. Jon Cutler – Flutie Pebbles (The Trip Meisters Ep) (Remedie).

This was an alias I used twice. This was released on my sub label Remedie. Earlier I was recording a sax solo for a remix on ADAT – (look it up youngsters) We did about 6 or 7 takes but on the last take the session player asked me if he could record one track with his flute. Months later when I was about to sell the A-Dat I came across the flute solo and bounced it into Studio Vision & I made Flut-ie Pebbles that weekend. I recorded it to Dat and never listened to it again. A few months passes and I’m looking for some tracks to put out. I found the cut and released the EP. This did very well. I guess It was the rawness and simplicity plus anything dope usually comes out on a Black label.

3. Jon Cutler – The Harmonica Walk (Distant)

Mitch Moses on the harmonica, Straight beats from the Roland JV-80, Rhodes and bass from the JV-80. Clunky type beats over rhodes sounds that are modulated. With a harmonica solo and harmonica hook. This record did very well and many DJ’s old and new always mention this cut to me.

4. Jon Cutler fest Vanessa Freeman – Focus (Lifted Up) (Distant)

I recorded this track in London with Vanessa Freeman at Felix Hopkins studio. Before travelling up to Southport, I was in London a few days. I did the music on my labtop the night before in the hotel. Following day I met up with Vanessa and felix at his studio and recorded the vocals. I didn’t have to arrange much, so got it done pretty much that day and was able to play it out that weekend at Southport.

5. Jon Cutler feat Kemdi – You Groove Me (Distant)

This was a special track. It was done and released the same time ‘It’s Yours’ was on Chez Music. It wasn’t as big as ‘It’s Yours’ but it was one of the biggest records I did for the label. It was on countless compilations, sold a lot of vinyl and Osunlade did remixes for it that did very well. This track was a favorite to many people.

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