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Residing in Slovenia, Stanny Abram has had a passion for music since the mid 80’s, listening to the Luxemburg radio, which at the time, was very popular. Years later his passion has transformed and evolved into countless productions and remixes for labels like Gramma Rec, Nervous, CR2, Great Stuff, 100 Percent Pure, Mjuzieek Digital, Manchester Underground Music (MUM) and Whartone Records, along with running 2 successful labels (Abracadabra Recordings & Alakazam Recordings) keen on delivering quality tech orientated beats to the house community.

And with the release of his latest original project ‘Lucky’ out now on the Traxsource, Stanny shares a selection of tracks that have shaped his career.

1. Stanny Abram – The Secret Place (Abracadabra Recordings)

This track is really special to me because it was the first release on my own label. This track was very well received on the Traxsource Tech House charts with full support and I really pleased about that.

2. Sharon Pass & Steve Silk Hurley – The World Is Love (Stanny Abram Remix)

My official remix for legendary Steve Silk Hurley and his label S & S Records from Chicago.

3. RanchaTek & Stanny Abram – On The Streets

My debut on the legendary label from New York Nervous Records, my collaboration with RanchaTek. This track was very well supported by famous DJ’s like Umek and many others.

4. Stanny Abram – Chunky Move

This is my first release on 1605 Music Therapy, label owner Umek.

5. Stanny Abram – Nonsense Syllabies

One of the best releases on my sub-label Alakazam Recordings, this was supported by a lot of famous DJ’s and spent more than one month in Traxsource Tech House Top 10. I was very satisfied with it and proud about that.

Stanny Abram latest release ‘Lucky’ out now on Traxsource

Abracadabra Recordings

Alakazam Recordings

Stanny Abram