Interview w/ Fogbank Recordings artist Demuir

Demuir is a DJ/Producer from Toronto. His jackin house beats have got the nod from Nick Holder, Donald Glaude, Dirty Two, J. Paul Getto, and Stickmen – along with his work being featured on labels like Mikita Skyy, FogBank Records, Gourmond Music Recordings, Moonshine, Stickmen Records, Aquarius Recordings, Doin’ Work, Blue Town Records, 530 Techno, peetah! & Juiced Music.

His latest release Reading Minds In Toronto’ is out now on the Traxsource via J Paul Getto’s Fogbank Recordings. We sit down with Demuir to get more insight about him, his music and more…

The Interview

1) Tell us about your background and what the underground house music scene is like in Toronto.

My background / introduction to music production came from a deep interest in understanding the sound sources that made Hip Hop music from the 70s to the 90s. This quickly moved into the discovery of Detroit techno and then over to Disco and then Filter House before I got into Jackin’ House.

I would say that Toronto’s underground house music scene is living and vibrant with many options to choose from in terms of style, which is a great place of exposure for nay artist or producer. I can literally go out and identify a venue that caters to Tech house and others that cater to Techno or Jackin’

2) How did you get into DJ/Music Production?

Exploring the sound sources in Hip Hop helped me raid my Dad’s vinyl record collection…LOL! However, I quickly realized that it was these same sounds that made the music I liked so I started taking a crack at creating “pause” mixes until I could afford equipment that would give me the sound quality I was looking for. My Dad is also a classically trained musician and I often found myself so curious to replay certain tunes.

Doing all this lead into creating demos and sharing them with labels for signing and feedback.

3) You have been noticed by top rated producers including J Fader, J. Paul Getto, and JR From Dallas, how do you feel about the attention? and Are there any labels and artists you would like to work with in the future?

I’m truly astounded by the attention by such respectable djs, producers and influencers in the house scene! Each time I get a note from people I’ve looked up to and long admired, I’m simply blown away and humbled by it all. I was blown away recently when Mark Farina had my track “We Gon’ Werq Dis Togetha” in his latest podcast.

I would definitely like to get my work out some other labels including Guesthouse and Gene Farris’ new label. I’ve received some positive interest, but need to complete a few other tracks to make it a fulsome set of EPs. In terms of artists I would like to work with, I’m happy to have completed a project with J-Fader and done some great work with Doc Link already. I hope to work with Trevor Vichas, Phil Weeks, Joss Moog, and David Glass to name a few.

4) In reviewing your production catalogue, you seem to have a diverse level of exposure when it come to various genres in house. What do you like producing and where do you plan to take your sound?

Wow. Great question. I simply do not like to be contained or owned by a particular genre. I honestly believe having the experience of multiple genres – or at least understanding them musically, helps to broaden perspective and adds a distinct advantage to whatever art you are creating. Given this, I see my sound as ever evolving.

5) Lastly, what coming projects and gigs do you have?

April is a busy month for me. I have a podcast coming to Jack’s Kartel blog along with releases on Mikita Skyy (The Moment), Gourmand (Who Dis), Fogbank (Reading Minds In Toronto), and Funk Mansion (Sinto EP). I will be following this up with a project coming to Full House Digital Recordings and Gil Aguilar’s Treasured Grooves while working through a few EPs and remixes that touch the techno and tech house circles.

I also just finished playing a string of gigs at WMC 2014 in Miami and have gigs scheduled at home in Toronto and Montreal

Demuir latest release ‘Reading Minds In Toronto’ is out now on Traxsource.