Traxsource Presents New Music Tuesday (April 15th, 2014)

We kick off the proceedings with some fresh deep grooves from Kerri Chandler along side Jerome Sydenham. Definitely deserves it’s place at the top.

Whats Hot This Week

1. Kerri Chandler – The Watergate Files (Watergate)

2. DJ Fudge – Good Inside (Guesthouse)

3. Louie Vega, Axel Tosca – Sunlight (Vega Records)

4. Homero Espinosa, Yogi – Give It To Me (Moulton Music)

5. AndMe. & Bastian – Steppin Out EP (Solo Music)

Brighton producers AndMe. & Bastian make their Solo Music debut with this club banger 3 track EP.

6. Atjazz & OVEOUS – Soldiers (Atjazz Record Company)

A seriously heavyweight co-op between NYC’s OVEOUS & the UK’s ATJAZZ!. Straight in the deep end with a four to the floor scorcher entitle “Soldiers”. The name itself may lead one to understand there could be a war going on in there, but not one of bombs, guns & missiles but a story of a war of acceptance in the face of ignorance. ATJAZZ had an energy he wanted to release and OVEOUS a serious story to tell. “Soldiers” is the outcome and your feet will thank you for it!. “Don’t be afraid of my black hoody!” – OVEOUS”.

7. Dorsia – Ghana (LOFT Records)

Dorsia is the collaborative guise of British duo Adam Reid and Andy Watson, both artists have been producing individually for quite some time, but have now joined forces and are set to release their debut single via Loft Records here. The pair create melodic, understated electronic music tipped towards the dance floor. Although newcomers under this title, working with such a promising young label and following the footsteps of Ejeca and Citizen, Dorsia are certainly ones to watch in 2014.

8. Jacques Chirac – Frisco (Conkrete Digital Music)

Do i hear an anthem here! Yes, I DO! Jacques Chirach has created one hell of a funky, driving Disco house track, following up his latest creation that was out on Conkrete a while ago. And yes sir, he’s done great with this, tkaing things a step or two further up!!

9. Solomun – Samson EP (DIYNAMIC)

10. Hardsoul, D-train – Absolute (Hardsoul Pressings)

11. Princeton Rejects – Love Games (Liberated)

May we please present the next offering from Liberated and Princeton Rejects, proclaimed house producer Ian Carey’s not so secret alias. “Love Games” takes you into a sonic time machine that subtly forces you to slow dance with your high school prom queen while your whole class watches in envy.

Big bangs, popped collars and tight rolled jeans is what this release is all about!!

12. Cuartero – Abandonado (Desolat Music)

The Desolat X series welcomes in spring with a package of peak-time house rollers by Spain’s rising star Cuartero, who has already caused a stir with previous releases on labels such as VIVa Music, Moon Harbour Recordings and Butch’s Bouq Records.

Both ‘Abandonado’ and ‘Children’s Game’ are perfectly executed examples of peak-time hedonistic house and their thumping beats are characterised by driving drums, pulsating bass, spoken world samples and percussion flourishes throughout.

‘Strike’ slows down the tempo, adding exotic sounds and samples that create a brooding tense house record. ‘Sweet In the Morning’ again operates at a slightly slower BPM, with a deeper groove and percussion spirals sweeping throughout the track. Normal service resumes on ‘Remember Then’ which rounds off the EP in fine style. It is another rolling house cut, which features deep bass, hip-hop sample and 808 whirls.