5 Things You Don't Know About OVEOUS

New York City resident Oveous embodies brilliant lyricism with a powerful performance. Perhaps his greatest strength is that he was able to turn his brother’s suicide into a global mission for mental healing and the positive uplifting of all people he comes across with thru his music. He earned a standing ovation on HBO Def Jam and has been a winner multiple times on “Showtime at the Apollo”. His now classic hit song “Mirror Dance” with Osunlade still rocks the core of your soul on the dance floor. Working with Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, and Osunlade has put him on the path of artists to watch grow. Oveous is a Rapper, Vocalist, & Producer who makes music to help your heart, beat. So Don’t miss the Beat!

With his latest offering along side prolific producer Atjazz titled ‘Soldiers’ out now on Traxsource. OVEOUS fills us in with some interesting facts about himself.

The 5 things you don’t know.

  • 1) Not sure if its interesting or annoying to my friends and family.. but I tend to be a bit of a neat freak. One might say OCD. On the more positive side I’m very calm, quite, and collected. But when I’m on stage I roar like a thousand Lions. People have told me when they meet me after a show that they find that contrast surprising because most artists tend to be the same off stage. Me personally, I’ve never been the type who starves for attention. So I exercise my talents when I feel the moment is appropriate.
  • 2) I like White Swiss chocolate. Jordan 1’s. Mangos. Tarrantino films. I Love traveling. I’m fascinated by foreign cultures. I think Nirvana is one the best rock groups of all time. I think NWA was amazing for scaring the shit out of me as a kid and helping me see the light of truth in the hood. I only eat NY or Chicago pizza. I like exercising. I love nature and the concrete jungles in a perfect harmony of calm and chaos.
  • 3) I LOVE classic video games (Mega Man, Zelda, Mario)! I mean, I still have my 1984 Nintendo from when I was a kid! I’m also REALLY into stand up comedy. As a writer and performer myself, I’m in awe of how amazing stand up is. Takes a lot of guts to hit a stage with your story and then make people laugh at your story.
  • 4) When I was 17, I recorded a rap demo with my brother who was 13 at the time as a group called “The Umbrella Brigade”. One of the producers of the tape was a skinny white boy who you might know now as.. Sage Francis.
  • 5) No superstitions per say, however, I do have a special ritual that I practice before I head out to do a major performance. I have a large portrait of my younger brother who passed away in my house. Before heading out to the gig I take a moment to speak to him and wish for good blessings. And lastly I’ve had some funny jobs. One of my favorites was being a baker in the bake shop of a supermarket. I use to make a mean croissant son. My next favorite was being a house painter. For an entire summer in New England I painted with great detail 18th century victorian homes. It was therapeutic becoming one with the brush.

Oveous latest release ‘Soldiers (w/ Atjazz)’ is out now on Traxsource