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Loz Goddard is a DJ/Producer from Manchester, England. Relatively young in the game with his debut release in 2012 via 5 and Dime Recordings, He has since then accumulated releases on Kolour Recordings, Goldmin Music, Luvbug, Sequential Records, DeepWit, Deep Site, Oversized X Records – with his vibe directed toward “Deep House, Disco and anything soulful!”

Loz remixed Savoir Faire Musique latest release Datakesta, Masahiro Suzuki ‘The Last Dance’ which is out now on Traxsource. He took some time for us here to share 5 definitive tracks that have (so far) helped shape his career.

1. Loz Goddard – Mimic (Original Mix)

This one was picked as it was the first House track I produced, bit boring I know but it’s what started this whole thing off. Initially, I didn’t have a great deal of faith in this track due to it being my first production but soon after uploading to Soundcloud I had a message from Stretford Dogs Club saying he was really digging it and wanted it for a mix he was putting together. That mix later aired and I received my first radio play! Once that had happened I guess I began to have more faith and sent it out to 5 and Dime Recordings, who instantly loved it. 5d were the first proper label for me and this track was the one that started the relationship with them. Even though it’s nearly 2 years old it’s still an important one for me!

2. Loz Goddard – Out With Your Heart

I could include all 3 tracks from my debut on Kolour Recordings as they’ve all been really well received; I still receive messages showing support and love of that release, it’s amazing. I’ve gone for Out With Your Heart though as this was the one I sent to Kolour first, very much on a whim. I have followed Kolour from the moment I discovered deep house music so sending demo’s there had always been on my to-do list. I remember listening back to this track once I’d finished it; it reminded me of the Kolour sound so I instantly sent it over. The email I received back was actually quite hard to believe at first. I guess it is hard to believe when one of your favourite labels say they want to sign your material. It’s a real honour to be placed on such a great label with heads like KiNK, Aki Bergen, Huxley and Soul Minority – something I didn’t think I’d achieve only a year into my career!

3. Effluxion – Blue Room (Loz Goddard Remix)

This one was always going to make it into the list. Sequential Records based in Manchester had been running only a number of months when the label boss there asked me if I fancied a remix. As they’re local lads, I could hardly refuse and had the parts sent to me. On first listen I realised that it wasn’t typically my style of house, which I always see as a challenge. Remixing this track taught me to experiment more with new techniques and sounds, the end result being a track that placed #2 on your very own hype chart, and #9 overall. The track got hammered on Unity Radio in Manchester during the Sequential Records radio show, which I became a regular on, mixing with the other lads on Saturday nights.

4. Loz Goddard – Over & Over

‘Not Another Disco’ EP came about when I began using more samples in my work. My EP on Kolour taught me a lot about sampling, which was massively beneficial when working on this slo-mo, deep disco sound. This sound was and still is being pushed by labels like Delusions of Grandeur, Sleazy Beats, Editorial and Kolour LTD, all of which I love so I figured I’d have a go at creating something similar. Over & Over is probably one of my personal favourite tracks I’ve ever made and received great support, including radio play from Mark Knight who ran a ‘Guess the sample’ competition with it. I feel I got the balance right between well-known samples and original elements in this track, which pretty much sums up the vibe I try to capture when working on the slower groovier stuff. Be expecting some more like this in the future.

5. Loz Goddard – Flow Wrists (Original Mix)

Ok so I couldn’t resist, I had to include Flow Wrists! While this one may not be ‘the first track I sent to a label’ or a starting point as such, it is quite possibly the most popular track I’ve written. This is the track I’ve had the most feedback on, especially with the South African deep heads! This one was the first track of mine to get a play on Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades Of House too, which was really great. A particularly memorable moment was when I was working at a Manchester radio station last year. Graeme Park had a show on the same station years ago and he paid it a visit while I was working. He had left feedback on my ‘Forward Cuts’ EP, so I introduced myself to him. I received a handshake and a ‘well done on the EP’ from him which was great! I thought I was supposed to be the one asking for the handshake?

Loz Goddard latest remix. Datakesta, Masahiro Suzuki ‘The Last Dance’ out now on Traxsource

Loz Goddard