Zoo Brazil - My "Secret" Weapons

Swedish producer Zoo Brazil aka John Andersson has been producing and writing music since the age of 11, and has released over 100 singles under such monikers as Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars, The Kelly Project, The Wiggs and Outcold. John’s work has appeared on some of the best record labels in the business, from Get Physical Music, Ministry of Sound, Renaissance, to Strictly Rhythm, Systematic, Defected and Yoshitoshi. As a DJ he has performed all over the world at some of the best clubs including Ministry of Sound and Pacha, and has played underground clubs and festivals the world over in Australia, Europe, North and South America.

To celebrate his latest release, the ‘Nude Picture EP’ out now on Traxosurce, Zoo Brazil shares some choice gems from his music collection that seriously move the dance-floor.

My 5 Weapons Of Choice…

1. Zoo Brazil feat Roland Clark (Tiger Stripes Remix) (Magic Muzik)

I always feel always weird putting my name on it, this is so good and out soon so you have to hear it, and its exclusive. This is the 3rd and I believe the last single from my “Any Moment Now” album with the legendary Roland Clark on the vocals. Tiger Stripes delivers a fantastic remix here that has been a secret weapon in my sets for the last few weeks. The promos went out just a few days ago and already its receiving amazing feedback as well as people asking for it, so can’t wait to release this one along with a music video. Something big here for sure!

2. Cuartero and Forrest – The Chaser (Saved Records)

The sexy, haunting groove and melody is just perfect. Drop it in the middle of your set or as a build up and the track will get things lifted up on the dancefloor. This is out on Nic Fancullis Saved Records who is an old buddy of mine. This has been in my sets for some time now.

3. Woz – Breathe (Black Butter)

This dirty track did surprise me big time when I played it, very Londoish with an amazing DIY attitude that I love. Also I like the fact that the artist uses a “Z” in the name, makes me dig him and the record more in more in strange kind of way.

4. Larry Cadge – Vicious Circle (Smiley Fingers)

Well of course its sounds like that old “kissey” track and lets not forgot the history here, but this is so good its ridiculous, I could play this track all night. Its so effective, soulful, sexy and with an attitude just as club music should be.

5. Renato Choen – Melba (Tronic)

An effective disco loop that’s great to play around with on top of other records. It puts a smile on even the hardest looking techno dude.

Zoo Brazil latest release ‘Nude Picture EP’ is out now on Traxsource

Zoo Brazil