Ghosts Of Venice - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

Breaking out in 2009 with a string of bootlegs and remixes, UK based artist Lee Dunn AKA Ghosts Of Venice reacted quickly to the levels of online attention with the release of debut “I Learned From The Best” EP free, online. Swiftly snapped up by Strictly Rhythm this was reworked into summer club hit ‘Without You’ featuring the esteemed Errol Reid on vocals and huge mixes from James Talk & Ridney and Siege, not to mention repeated Radio 1 plays from Pete Tong amongst others.

Couple these with a series of remixes for the likes of The Phantoms Revenge, Miguel Migs saw to raise his profile in a big way. Not satisfied with this though, Ghosts has taken the time to tour the US and start his own label, Stripped & Chewed, launched in Chicago as well as compile a “classics remixed” disc for the Hed Kandi Classics compilation alongside his rework of ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ for single release. 2013 saw the release of an EP on the Blacksoul label and the single ‘My Love’, a collaboration with Josh Jakq, through Italy’s La Valigetta label as well as remixes for Todd Terry, Kimbra, Lemaitre, Queen of Hearts, The Knocks & Treasure Fingers. 

Ghosts Of Venice, (another alias you may know him by is YouthAttack!) has much more to offer up for 2014. With his latest release ‘Are You Free Tonight’ out now on Traxsource, we got him to open up about 5 trax that changed his life.

1) Daft Punk – Around The World

I think I was around 10 years old at the time I first heard this. It was ’97 or ’98 and I remember being in a hotel room with my family. My brother and I were flicking through the channels and came across the music video for Around The World. I was obsessed with it. That moment pretty much set everything in motion.

2) Burial – Distant Lights

This might be surprising for most people but this Burial track was the reason I started producing music. I had dabbled previously like every kid who is into electronic music does, but it was after hearing this album that I decided to focus on actually learning how to make music. This sound was so new and fresh in 2006 and I was completely engrossed with the production of it. I still am.

3) Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face

This song was my first introduction to Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage. I remember hearing the first few bars of drums and instantly falling in love. The whole thing is so raw. Try playing this out to a Disco/House crowd in New York or Chicago and the whole place shouts “Hell Yeah” in answer to “Is It All Over My Face” in the chorus. It’s one of the most spine tingling moments every time.

4) Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #3

There was a time when “Deep House” wasn’t just a buzz word to sell compilations and festival tickets. Motor City Drum Ensemble and the whole Raw Cuts series set the bar for me production-wise. It taught me not to worry about making everything perfect and just concentrate on the groove. All of the Raw Cuts still sound so fresh next to everything else in the same vein.

5) Frankie Knuckles ft. Jamie Principle – Your Love

This track is the key that unlocks everything. I actually discovered this track quite a few years after getting into dance music. Once I was old enough to appreciate the heritage. When I heard this I instantly wanted to learn everything about it’s history and everything since then. I was lucky enough to see Jamie Principle perform this with Frankie in 2013. I also managed to see him DJ a few other times before he sadly passed away. There’s nothing I can say about Frankie that hasn’t already been said a thousand times. His personality and and music inspired me so much and will continue to do so for years to come.

Ghosts Of Venice latest release ‘Are You Free Tonight’ is out now on Traxsource.

Ghosts Of Venice