Johnny Fiasco - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

Johnny Fiasco is recognized as a true pioneer of Chicago’s legendary house music scene. The early electronic scenes of Chicago and Detroit has had a profound impact on how he plays and produces music. His remarkable sound gracefully combines soulful, tech vibes, fundamental house, disco, and pure funk sounds – which has landed him work with major labels such as Sony, Jive, Epic, Warner Bros and indies such as Defected, Om Records, Cajual Records, Distant Music, Cyclo, Moonshine, Large, Viva Recordings, Doubledown, and Freerange. His vast catalog includes work with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Gloria Estefan, KD Lang, Kaskade, and Bob Sinclair.

To celebrate his latest EP ‘303’, Johnny shares 5 definitive trax that have had a major impact on his illustrious career.

1) Rock With You : Michael Jackson

At the age of 12, I used to love sneaking into my older brother’s room to play this record as often as possible. He had a pretty nice MCS stereo system with huge speakers… I was in heaven. I used to turn the lights off and sit in a corner and playback with just the right amount of volume to experience the entire album but the one song that really inspired me was “Rock With You.” While I admit to being a pretty big fan of our local disco station WDAI (or Disco-DAI) on the radio, Off the Wall was truly the very first record that opened my heart to dance music.

2) Acid Tracks : Phuture

Originally purchased at Imports Etc in the late 80’s. I think it only took one play to get hooked. It was amazing to see so many people reacting to the changes in the vibe on this record..yet it has no lyrics!! You just follow this insane hypnotic bass line that keeps evolving over time. No gimmicks or fancy embellishments here, just a musical rhythmic pulse that completely overpowered your senses.

3) Sleezy D’ – I’ve Lost Control

If the name doesn’t say it all here then I’m at a loss for explaining it. First time I heard this it was a house party in the late 80’s. A very simple deep beat. The bassline sounds like lasers emitting from the speaker cabinets. It’s insanely hot in the club or house party and you don’t mind at all. Then you begin to hear this deep low pitch vocal that says it all “I’ve loooooost control”. Pure mayhem. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any record do this much damage. It was more than a track.. it was a calling to a new experience. A place where you didn’t have to worry about anything else except letting go of all inhibitions and cutting the rug.

4) Land of Confusion – Armando

Purchased double copies at Imports Etc in 1987. This acid line is responsible for my personal attachment to the 303. To this day nobody has come close to reproducing the amount of soul and funk in an acid bassline. It has so much life and energy that it’s literally become the record I’ve listened to for inspiration. I had the pleasure of meeting Armando back then, what a class act. I just wish he wasn’t taken away so young. What he left is going to influence producers for many generations. Armando will always be my Acid master.

5) Numbers : Kraftwerk

Originally purchased at Imports Etc. So many of these cuts were being played on radio mixshows and house party’s in the 80’s. It didn’t matter what event you were going to then.. you were going to hear some Kraftwerk at some point!! I fell in love with the album just after a few plays. I think I probably listened to this a thousand times or more. This was the soundtrack during my high school years. It still sounds just as good today.

Check out Johnny Fiasco’s latest EP release ‘303’ out now on Traxsource.

Johnny Fiasco