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Moulton Music is a collaboration of artists (Chris Lum, David Harness, Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig, Sergio Fedasz, Ivan Ruiz & Anish Acharya) who are obsessed with both the future and past of house music. Being run by producers and music-makers, the labels output is varied, ranging from deep house to soul to jackin’ disco, but always with a sense of historical perspective and an ear for fine-tuned production, as well as a deep connection to the dance floor. They’re based around San Francisco’s legendary Moulton Studios, where most of the production takes place, but their friends and collaborators stretch far and wide, hence the featured releases and remixes from the likes of Chris Lum, Johnny Fiasco, David Harness, DJ MFR, Fred Everything & Mr V.

To celebrate Moulton Music’s latest project ‘Phaze Dee – The House of Raw EP’ out now on Traxsource, the label shares 5 releases (over the last few years & recently) that have been making an impact on the imprint.

1. Chris Lum – Big Tool

Re-releasing this classic track as our first record felt right from the start. David Harness reached out to Spen for a remix and he delivered this amazing funky disco bit (completely not what we expected, but in a good way!). The whole EP did really well for us. Spen’s mix was climbing up the charts and Ovidio (Homero Espinosa) and AC’s (Allen Craig) got some attention as well. Great way to kick things off! 

2. David Harness – The San Fran Disco EP

David always brings the heat. Such an amazing release. When David tested the tracks, the crowd’s reaction was fantastic. The San Fran Disco EP was a nice blend of soul and funk that David is known for.

3. The SyntheTigers ft. Tobirus Mozelle – (Free Fall Into Me)

This record was huge for us. The SyntheTigers are known for their disco edits but came correct with this full on vocal track. The original track was recorded at Moulton Studios and working with Tobirus was awesome. Mr.V’s mix did really well on Traxsource. We had a record release party at Club Mighty here in San Francisco where Tobirus sung to Mr. V’s version and the crowd ate it up. The SyntheTigers are wrapping up another EP with Tobirus and we’re really excited about that release!  

4. Homero Espinosa ft. Yogi – Give It To Me

This was such a fun record. Everyone working on the EP was great. Fred Everything on remix duties, Yogi on vocals and Homero behind the whole project. By coincidence, Yogi was in town working on some music with Kevin Kind. He’d just wrapped up some vocals on Kevin’s track (coming out later this year on Moulton Music) while here at Moulton Studios and Homero asked him to hop in the booth. He jumped in there and freestyled those lyrics off the cuff. Yogi’s such a talented musician and singer. Yogi is the MAN! This record is still in the Traxsource top 100 after 3 weeks.

5. Phaze Dee – The House of Raw EP

Phaze Dee is the MAN! Such a cool cat. He sent the tracks to Homero who wanted to sign them immediately. Homero reached out to Rasoul about remixing one of the tracks and he jumped on the opportunity to work on the project. This release is going to be so dope!

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