Imagenes in 5 Records

Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel are the driving engine behind London’s imprint; Imagenes Recordings. Moving across an entire spectrum of newly produced Boogie, Disco, Soul, Funk, Jazz & Latin, the imprint has been pushing projects like Los Charly’s Orchestra, Andre Espeut’s Quintet, Boogie Magic, GuessWhat and The Boogie Man and others since 2007.

Imagenes Recordings latest collection ‘Los Charly’s Orchestra Remixed’ is out now on Traxsource. Juan & Jorge shares 5 definitive tracks (from the label) that have helped shape the imprint into what it is today.

1. Los Charly’s Orchestra – Disco Funk EP

The “Disco Funk EP” was our first break after a few years of music making. Having just gone through a rough start with our record label due to our first two distributors going bankrupt without paying us a penny for our first two pressings, we had lost a lot of motivation, so we finally decided to put our self together again and give it a another try and we came up with the “Disco Funk EP”. The original playlist was quite strong (we thought), including “Black Boy Lane, Tanto Soul & Hotel Caribe” on the A side, then as a lucky bonus I contacted Dave Lee (Joey Negro) and asked if he wanted to do an edit of a new a new boogie-soul tune we had just recorded called “Some of The Things” and he said yes, so that was the final touch to complete that super heavy EP. The record started selling like hot cakes and the radio stations and clubs starting inquiring about us, and a few months after we were doing our first sold out concert at Jazz Cafe.

2. Los Charly’s Orchestra – The Groove & It’s Synonyms EP

The Groove & It’s Synonyms EP” is also quite special for us, that record got supported by Jose Padilla, Dimitri, John Morales, etc and it even lead us to one of our best gigs, Blue Marlin – Ibiza in the Summer of 2012.

3. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel – Cumbanchero

After a few years concentrated in the development of Los Charly’s Orchestra, we decided to start expanding the sound of our label, so I would say that the Cumbanchero’s single is the most representative release from that period. From Todd Terge in Norway to the Electro Cumbia and Afro Beat crews in South America, London & NY this tune cut across a whole range of totally different scenes, and that was a pretty good achievement which gave us a lot of satisfaction.

4. Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel & Andre Espeut – Boogie Magic Vol 1 (Feat Andre Espeut & Chennez Mckenzie)

Boogie Magic (Feat Andre Espeut & Chennez Mckenzie) is another serious one, it got to number 1 on Traxsource’s Soul/Disco/Funk chart for about a month! and that made us so happy!

5. Los Charly’s Orchestra – The Latin Edition

Finally we got the current Latin/Funk period of Los Charly’s. This came from an inspiration Juan and I had a few of years ago, bringing back to a current context the experimental spirit of New York’s 60’s & 70’s Latin/Funk scene.

I would say that “My Barrio” is the tune that has got more support. BBC, Jazz FM, plus other UK stations plugged it heavily, also some of the original NYC Boogaloo DJ’s joined the caused and even the some of the Asian and Australian DJ’s!

All of the sudden Los Charly’s Orchestra where playing live in Shanghai, delivering a heavy dose of Boogaloo, Salsa and Latin Disco at the inauguration of one of the most important clubs of the city – Unico. At that very moment looking at all the Chinese people smiling and dancing to the Latin groove I said to myself: “mission accomplished!” but the task continues…

Imagenes latest collection ‘Los Charly’s Orchestra Remixed’ out now on Traxsource


Los Charly’s Orchestra