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Marlon D is originally from West New York and raised in New Jersey, he has worked in New York City his entire life. Coming from a home of latin decent; Colombia S.A,, he grew up listening to the sounds of Latin Jazz, Disco, and Motown classics. This is where his passion for music cultivated. Marlon started his involvement in the music industry at the young age of 13 helping mobile DJ’s with their events which years later developed into his own events & record label, Underground Collective. His unique sounds & productions over the years have graced prestigious labels like; Nervous, Offering, Stereo Productions, Offering Recordings, Distant Music, Jellybean Soul, MN2S, Chez, Strictly Rhythm & his very own Underground Collective Imprint, respectively. Marlon D’s great accomplishments have also rewarded him with the endorsement and sponsorship of propellerheads software company. He is still in very high demand and continues to develop new sounds and a creative influence than will broaden his fan base across the globe to heights one can only hope to imagine.

Marlon’s latest release ‘Believe In Yourself’ is out now on Traxsource and with that he took some time out to share 5 definitive tracks that have helped shape his career.

1. Marlon D Presents Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande en Laureles (Sancocho a La Lena Mix)

I spent 2 years in south america (Colombia) studying all genres of music coming out at the time as well as all its history. I then took those ideas and started to write stuff for my album and connecting with musicians to put together a live group and called it Colombia soul orchestra.

2. Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound (Main Mix)

I remember making this reocrd and testing out some new drum ideas. At first I didn’t know what I had in my hands but I sent it over to Aaron Ross who at the time was working at Defected and asked him “ is this a hit or a miss” basically. He hits me back a few days later after playing in San Francisco and told me it was a hit! and not to change a thing and send it over for release. The rest is history.

3. 3 Amigos – Jellybean, Marlon D, MenaKeys, Stormz – Opera House (La Opera Del Los 3 Amigos)

This record I hold special. One day I found an opera singer where my wife used to work and asked him to come into George mena’s (RIP) studio so I can record him. We started to brain storm together while George played around with some keyboard ideas. The chemistry was great between everyone, laughing, eating, and working. The final result was “Opera House” Something not so ordinary and predictable.

4. Marlon D – House Classics Remixed Sampler (Nervous)

This was my first time working with Nervous Records. It was a great experience compiling this project. We first talked about the idea with Mike Weiss and Kevin Williams, they both were into the idea of remixing some of their classic catalogue and turning into a current compilation/album project. I brought on board few of my friends at the time who I thought would fit the project – DJ Spinna, Manoo, Fanatix (Aaron ross and Neil Pierce), 83 West (Martino and Tyrone) Danny Krivit. I also had the honour of remixing Innervisions Ft Melanie Daniels- Don’t you ever give up with my old partner George Mena (RIP), which has always been one of my favorite classics from Nervous as Im a big fan of Frankie Feliciano who is also a great friend, so the plan fit perfectly. I considered it to be a solid project of good friends and family combined.

5. Kem – Heaven (Marlon D and GA Mix)

This record turned out to be a classic thank God. It began as just something for fun and for DJ play, I got the idea from listening to kems original album, I then proceeded to ask Groove Assassin who at the time was working with Ableton Live to time stretch it and add some drums or whatever. He then sent it back to me , I played the extra keyboards on it including the solo and a few other things, I finalized it with mix and arrange + whatever was left. The end result was a floor stomper and still played today by many.

Marlon D’s latest release. ‘Believe In Yourself’ out now on Traxsource

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