This Week In Pictures

“With D15 last weekend its almost hard to believe that the 10th Anniversary was already 5 years ago . Looking forward to DEF20”
@Copyright (pictured above)

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Traxsource News bring you this week’s pictorial round-up of what really goes on in the lives of some of our beloved producers, dj’s and labels whilst out on their travels…

Culoe De Song

“Played the tourist card a little before we went back to JHB … #kimberley #NC #southafrica #bigHole #KnowYourCountry” @Culoe De Song

Joyce Muniz

“Good bye South Africa it was a very nice experience ! Big” @Joyce Muniz

Louie Vega

“Kings Of House Event at Yrban Klub in Treviso, Italy a super blast!” @Louie Vega

La Fleur

“Ghent! Thank you for an amazing stay an fun gig at Nächtvøgels w. La Fleur at CLUB 69! “ @La Fleur

Mark de Clive-Lowe

“video shoot featuring #nianiaandrews, directed by #devjop and starring some amazing californian backdrops…” @Mark de Clive-Lowe

Wolf + Lamb

“our boy Wizey and his merry band of brits kick off their Lyte Truck Tour tonight. they’ve hand-made this awesome Airstream Speakeasy and now they’re partying in it.. our kinda sh**t.” @Wolf + Lamb

Gavin Mills (Copyright)

“Joey Negro – left holding the baby. Nice surprise to find Joey Negro and his new Dj Partner in the courtyard at the Truman Brewery on bank holiday monday “ @Gavin Mills (Copyright)


“#sunday #theview #privatespanishlesson #picnic” @BLOND:ISH


“Hanging at the Defected Records pop up in Shoreditch London “ @MK

Alex Niggemann

“Mixing day! at Hannes Bieger – Studio” @Alex Niggemann

Anane Vega

@Anane Vega



Atjazz Record Company

“Lol” @Atjazz Record Company

Chus & Ceballos

“At Tokyo, Japan.” @Chus & Ceballos

Sandy Rivera

“Just chilling in Bali” @Sandy Rivera

Florian Meindl

“Me producing Techno 10 years ago in Upper Austria! What did you listen to back then?” @Florian Meindl

Detroit Swindle

“Game of tunes…” @Detroit Swindle

Radio Slave

“Jeff Mills schooling mugs in Germany 91..” @Radio Slave

Sonny Fodera

“Chilling in the studio sorting some music” @Sonny Fodera

DJ Pierre

“We actually djed. We are not faking the emotion and this is not the typical synchronized move. Classic. #realdjs Smart Bar Chicago #justinlong” @DJ Pierre

Scott Wozniak

“It’s a Tempest kind of morning. Every producer needs one of these.” @Scott Wozniak

Andrea Oliva

“As i always say” @Andrea Oliva


“Tonight’s sound system, will be smashing out some mad Bass through this” @Artful

Raffa_FL dj

“Just another day #music #studiotime #dialtone #remixduty” @Raffa_FL dj

Steve Lawler

“Thanks Sankeys NYC, see you in August for something special…” @Steve Lawler

Point Blank

“It’s as good as it sounds” @Point Blank