Jullian Gomes - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

Jullian Gomes was born and grew up in the Republic of South Africa listening to Soul, Latin and kwaito Music before discovering House Music at the tender age of eight.

Since his first gig in 2003, his career has traveled only upward, and his love for production and skill-set grew steadily with it. Alongside cousin, Michael G, he began the G.Family collective and has released on Top South African Independent labels including Soul Candi and House Afrika followed shortly by records on some of house musics most influential international labels such as Realtone Records, Foliage Records, Atjazz Record Company, Seasons limited.

With Jullian Gomes & Atjazz Album project ‘The Gift The Curse’ out now on Traxsource, Jullian celebrates the release by sharing some important tracks that change his life.

1) Wahoo ‘‘Holding You’‘ (Ame Mix)

First Heard this song being played on the main system in a record store in Pretoria (South Africa), Also remember it had been reserved in someone else’s bag and I was hoping there was more to go around, Luckily there was. Really love how distinct and bright the drums are in this song with the smoothness and warmth of the Vocals, Pad and Strings just tying everything together. Quality Record, Had its place in my bag for a while.

2) Louie Vega (Ft. Raul Midon) ‘‘Cerca Di Mi’‘ (Nicos Mix)

Remember listening to this Record on Radio while I was on my way to school. Since then its always brought good memories back.
Even when I hear it today and dissect the music, Its really well written. Classic

3) Santos ‘‘Time of our Lives’‘ (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

I had snuck into a nightclub and heard Vinny Da Vinci play this Record. This is the Song that brought me closer to Martin (Atjazz) and interested in his sound, really blew my mind at how cutting edge it was. It was like a loud poster saying this is where house music is going, Really futuristic and forward thinking for its time.

4) Osunlade ‘‘Mommas Grooves’‘ (Jimpster Slipped Disc Mix)

Found this Record while I was looking at adding to my collection, Jamie (Jimpster) Really outdid himself on this one. Sonically its a masterpiece on its one. Its Really well Produced, Mixed & Mastered plus the movement of the song is on point.

5) Mari Boine ‘‘Vuoi Vuoi Me’‘ (Henrik Schwartz Remix)

I picked this Record up at my local record store in Sunnyside, Pretoria (South Africa). Scraped all my lunch money to pick this one up.
It came out on a 12’‘ on Universal back in 2007, When I put the needle on the first groove it hooked me, Couldn’t pick up the needle again. Really powerful record and love the whole progressing mood of the song.

Jullian Gomes Album project with Atjazz ‘The Gift The Curse’ is out now at Traxsource.

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