MR. G in 3-2-1

The term ‘legend’ is often banded around willy nilly in the dance music realm, but Mr. G, aka Colin McBean, is one of the few who can rightfully lay claim to this accolade. Having been in the game for around 2 decades now, Mr. G is widely considered to be one of the most under-rated artists about – with only true music fans appreciating his vast contribution to dance music.

He was initially part of the KCC DJ trio playing at the now legendary Confusion parties and subsequently started recording as one half of The Advent, producing many ground-breaking releases/remixes and albums, and touring the world with their intense, relentless style of techno. In 1999 Colin decided to go his own way and founded the Phoenix G label in order to create his unique brand of analogue bass-heavy electronic tech-funk, which immediately attracted props from his peers and the music press alike.

Also having achieved great acclaim for releases on other labels such as Defected, Duty Free, The End and Skint/Loaded, and remixing a wide range of artists – overground from chart-topping Roger Sanchez to Ms Kittin, and underground from Xpress II to Josh Wink and Ben Sims.

With Mr. G’s latest EP ‘Tutonic’ on Don’t Be Afraid out now now on traxsource – we jumped at the chance to launch a brand new feature with the man himself. 3 Questions, 2 Tracks, 1 Release. MR. G talks techno in our brand new 321 feature.

3 Questions:

1) Hey Mr. G, for those that don’t know your legendary history, please tell us a little about where your from and your contribution to almost 2 decades now in this game, school us.

I’m just here doin’ my thang, having fun. Once part off KCC carnival and original London sound crew, My Cisco alias was part off KCC (Shelter NY, Black Market Records, with loads of other aliases and 12’s). We later formed The Advent (signed to London records, with even more music more aliases) – Basically ground breaking hard driving techno wit loads a funk!

Then in 2000 I started as Mr. G and started my own (mostly vinyl) label Phoenix G and once more adding a few aliases along the way for fun. A few albums later, like I said before – I’m still here doin’ my thang!

2) The topic for today is your latest EP on Don’t Be Afraid entitled “Tutonic”, it sounds like you got the dance-floor in mind on this one?

Yep Benji (from the label) has played a big part in getting what he wanted as an EP. Tech was the brief and a great bottle a rum was the catalyst. All the bass (ideas) are based around the last time I played live in The Berghein Berlin. Bass In ya face!

3) Last question, what is your studio set-up like – I read you are an analog enthusiast? Can you describe your studio set-up, what is your DAW of choice, any gear you can’t live without?

I just got an MPC and a mixer – a bit of old classic outboard gear and some rum. The rest is done in my head as I mix down everything live in 1 take… or 101… It’s not about what you have but the picture you build!

2 Trax I’m feeling right now:

Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation)

Mother Mother! Fat Freddy’s Drop….How dark is that Blaine that comes in half way through?

Rainsong (Mood Edits Unreleased 2008 Tracking Dub)

Johny White on some old skool driving s@#! right here and it just hits my spot right!

1: Mr G’s latest EP

Mr. G