The Flapjackers launch Forest Walker Records

Forest Walker Records Label was founded in January 2014 by Roel De Prins & Robbe Boons AKA The Flapjackers. The brand new imprimt will focus on Deep, Deepjacking and Jackin House Music!

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, Roel De Prins and Robbe Boons picked up the DJ and producing art in the early 2000’s. It’s only since the beginning of 2011 that they decided form the duo now known as Flapjackers. They are known for their deep, jackin productions and have established relevant name in the House scene as a whole with numerous singles, remixes and EP’s on many renowned labels like Coyote Cuts Records, Nightbird Music, Juiced Music, Greenhouse Records, 294 Records & Midwest Hustle.

With the labels debut release David Glass – Dope EP out now on Traxsource, Roel & Robbe AKA The Flapjackers sit down with us to chat about the new imprint & more in this featured Interview.

The Interview

1) Hey Flapjackers, let’s jump right in and talk about your brand new label: Forest Walker Records. What makes this label different from your Jackin House imprints?

The idea to start our own label dates back from when we first formed Flapjackers, although we were patiently waited for the right time to launch it, we wanted to handle things professionally and with respectability in mind, both to the artists as to the music business.

That comes with first hand experience and of course in the beginning, we had none.
Forest Walker Records represents the kind of House music that makes us move as soon as the first note hits, and while we’re definitely gonna focus the future Flapjackers releases for Forest Walker, the idea, for now, was to create a solid musical base featuring artists we respect and the tunes we love…

2) As stated, you now both have a lot of experience in the house music game, how do you plan to garnish support starting out this new label?

It is tricky, and definitely different from what we expected at first. Everybody loves to be featured on renowned labels of course, therefore artists are (rightfully) wary of new labels, and they should be. We’re living in a digital age and you have to be careful all the way.

When contacting other artists, managers and promoters, We made it clear from the beginning that we would go about this professionally and with respect to the artist. Having a business plan at hand is essential, and having an established reputation in the House scene definitely doesn’t hurt either. That’s why we approached artists we worked with in the past first, to get them on board. Once these pieces fall into place, you can go about reaching out to artists you always wanted to work with, and we are happy to say this is working out quite well so far.

3) Sounds like you got a great plan, good luck! So where can your fans catch you in playing over the next few summer months?

We just finished up a small tour in the Czech Republic and now we’re anxiously looking forward to the festival summer. Most notably and international wise, you can find us at this summer at Tomorrowland. We will play on the Derrick Carter invite only Family & Friends stage, for the second year in a row. We’ll be playing alongside Hot Since 82, The Martinez Brothers, Inland Knights, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter & Mark Farina. Aside from that, there are various festivals in Belgium where we will be playing as well.

4) Production question: What is your DAW of preference? Any analog gear?

We’re in the process of building a new studio where we’re planning on installing, among others, the latest Roland series to start experimenting with. However currently we’re using strictly software; Renoise 3.0. We just absolutely love trackers and it works completely different than most “mainstream” DAW’s. Certain functions require Ableton input however this only had to be used in a specific amount of tracks to achieve the sound we wanted.

5) What keeps Flapjackers motivated?

Definitely the fans, and our own personal goal to reaching our perfect sound. This sounds idealistic, and in some ways it is, as you can ask any producer if they reached their perfect sound yet and they will most likely all say; “no”. So I guess this means we’re planning on being in this for the long run right? We consider it a bit of our personal mission as well to keep spreading the message of what real House music is to the people out there. House is a feeling, and everybody out there should get the chance to experience it.

6) What advice would you give to the “up & coming” aspiring producers out there?

First of all we would say; make the music you like. Don’t bother with looking at the commercial top 10 and start fantasizing that you will achieve the ‘glits and glamour’ if only you made something similar to that. Follow your heart, if you’re in this for the fame, you should pack it up right there. There are no quick fixes. If you want it to happen – you have to work for it. Sacrifices are to be made at some point. We started out experimenting with all aspects of House music, because the fact is we love every type of real House music. Gradually through the years you can work on finding your sound, this will happen naturally, let it.

Forest Walker Records 1st release ‘David Glass – Dope EP’ is out now on Traxsource.

Forest Walker Records