Kraak & Smaak – Our Favorite Machine

Behind the Netherlands outfit ‘Kraak & Smaak’ are Dutchmen Wim Plug, Oscar de Jong and Mark Kneppers. Sharing a love of eclectical dance music, they have been working together since 2001. The trio’s latest remix offering on Detroit Swindle’s recent release 64 Ways via ‘Dirt Crew Recordings’ is out now on Traxsource, and with that, they’ve given us a peek at their favourite piece of studio gear.

1. What’s your favourite piece of gear in the studio

Our favourite piece of gear in the studio would be the Roland Jupiter 8. We bought it 5 years ago and it is exactly what we always wanted to have.

2. Why do you love it & what makes it special?

It’s so God damn funky and it plays very intuitively. You immediately hear all those great disco and 80’s boogie records when you touch this thing.

3. What are the various ways you use it?

As it is a polyphonic synthesizer it’s mostly used for chords, pads, strings and such. But we also use it for leads and bass. It might not be as warm as, say a Minimoog, or as brassy and fat as an Oberheim, but it has a certain funkyness to it.

4. Tell us 1-3 tracks you used it on?

  • Remix for moby (the stabs with the typical funky vibrato)
  • Dynamite (in breakdown, the stabs)
  • How we gonna stop the time (lead at the beginning of the track)

Kraak & Smaak latest remix ‘Detroit Swindle – 64 Ways ft. Mayer Hawthorne’ out on Traxsource.

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Kraak & Smaak