Doorly Talks Toolroom Knights

Producer, DJ, Radio Presenter, Promoter, ‘Musical Polymath’; Doorly seems to have already ticked off a lot of the things on any DJ’s Bucket List. Setting his place firmly within the House music scene, Doorly’s dedication to the craft of production & DJing remains paramount, with his live sets including samplers and FX units to emphasise his belief that a DJ set should be a live turntablism experience. Championed by top DJs, Mark Knight, Pete Tong, Cajmere, Groove Armada, Annie Mac, Steve Silk Hurly & more, Doorly holds no boundaries in attracting the attention of the best.

A collection of rolling house & deep groovers, ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly’ broadcasts the very best of Doorly’s talent. With cleverly used acappella’s bring an exciting live feel to the mix and 3 brand new Exclusive tracks from Doorly, Sonny Fodera & Eric Sharp. Also including the works of Green Velvet, Claude VonStroke, Breach, Gerry Read, Oliver $, Jesse Rose, Eats Everything, Jaymo & Andy George and more, ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly’ has everything a devoted House lover needs.

Stacked full of 30 quality tunes alongside an essential full-length DJ mix, ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly’ is a collective showcase of Doorly’s DJing prowess & production mastery making this compilation the epitome of all that is ‘Doorly.’

Doorly talks coming up in the scene, World Cup predictions and officially being ‘knighted’ by Toolroom in his latest mix compilation.

The Interview

1) Hey Doorly, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today, we are here to talk about your brand new compilation “Toolroom Knights Mixed by Doorly” – tell us a little bit about this latest project and what it represents to you as an artist, DJ and producer?

It was almost going to be an artist Album at one point as I have released so much music recently and have even more ready and due for release but we really wanted to get me across as a DJ equally as much as a producer so we decided to do the Full DJ mix using the best of the tracks I’ve been playing in my sets recently alongside my own stuff.

2) How’d you get your artist name Doorly? …is there a funny story or anecdote behind it?

Unfortunately not, Its actually my surname! sorry for the boring answer, I really need to come up with something more exciting than that!

3) It seems just being a DJ or Producer isn’t enough to get you noticed anymore… Your biography proclaims experience as a producer, DJ, radio presenter, promoter, ‘musical polymath’; does multiple skill-sets in your industry aid in your success? Is wearing many hats (so to speak) integral to making it today as DJ/producer?

100 percent, I made a name for myself as a Strong DJ that ran great parties, Pete Tong gave me my first essential mix before I had even made a record. But in order to get to where I am now and be able to get asked to do that second essential mix I had to put out my own music and become an artist and be heard Internationally not just by those who came to my gigs. However without that strong foundation in the scene it would have been tough to get my music heard above all the noise, luckily I already knew all the DJs and Music industry people so it was much easier to break through than it would have been solely as a producer. The radio gives me new ways to connect with my fans and allows me to delve deeper than I can in front of a physical dancefloor and i feel that the prep that goes into the shows keeps me on top of my gain and ahead of the curve.

4) With the current boom in popularity of “electronic dance music” here in the USA – what are your thoughts of the current state of house music?

Its never been healthier, there was a real hiatus for a while and we all tried different things or just rode it out, whats amazing now is that all the legends and biggest DJs from 10 years ago when house music was last at its peak are back at the top of their game and really inspired by the new breed and vise versa. Its a great meeting of minds and a breeding ground for some amazing collabs. This week alone I’m working on collaborations with DJ Pierre, Cajmere, Harry Choo Choo Romero & Switch. For someone that grew up watching these guys in awe its a very special time right now and i intend to absolutely make the most of it! watch this space trust me!

5) Are you concerned about the mainstream infatuation and corporatism of dance culture or is it good? (please explain)

Not at all, its good that dance music is having such a pink patch right now, obviously there’s some awful things happening around us and its hard not to be cynical at times but there’s nothing worse than a bitter DJ ranting about someone else that’s more popular than him for whatever reason, I wont name names but you know the ones! This is a great time for all of us to play at bigger and better places and get to spend more time in places like America where I’m lucky enough to live these days (in L.A). The big money stuff needs to happen but we’ll always have our little corner of every city and festival for those who want to delve deeper into the music.

6) People have an image that DJ life is non-stop partying? Is it true?

Depends on the DJ really, loads of DJ’s I know don’t even drink, me personally I’m non stop partying when I’m on tour or gigging, but when I’m at home I eat salad, play football, make music and don’t drink so I guess I’m non stop partying 50% of the time!

7) What trax of yours are you most proud of?

Probably “I want you to dance” that was a real turning point for me and a track that I can identify as the moment I really found my groove. Also my remix for Corbu – We are sound. One of my favorite things I’ve done.

8) Where can we catch Doorly this summer? Any Ibiza plans?

Yep we have launched anew Monday night party at Pacha that i’ve been involved in programming (Ibiza Rocks House). It was like playing fantasy football with DJs and I still cant believe what we’ve managed to pull together. The theme was putting together legends with the new breed each week so we have people like Giorgio moroder, Kenny Dope, Derrick carter, Cajmere, kevin saunderson, DJ Pierre, basement jaxx and groove armada playing alongside the likes of Shadow Child, Jesse Rose, Claude Vonstroke, 2 Bears, Soul Clap, Justin Martin, Huxley and MK.

Also I’ll be back at Ibiza Rocks for their Friday W.A.R parties as a resident.
Outside of Ibiza I’ll be all over the world as usual playing some great festivals like Hideout in Croatia and Secret Solstice in Iceland and spending a month back touring America to break up the season.

9) Share one guilty musical pleasure… (the more embarrassing, the better)

I love a bit of Yaught rock! I’ve got a nice little erection section in my vinyl collection for parties, stuff like Gerry Rafferty – baker Street, hall & oats and Phil Collins – Easy Lover. sexy boy!

10) What would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ/producer?

God knows! I have a degree in English which is literally useless! it scares me when I think about it because I was very average at everything else until I found music and putting on parties!

11) Where does a digital download store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Once a week, I go thru the download sites in as much detail as I have time for, I get sent so many promo’s but its amazing how much stuff i miss that needs to be released before i notice it! There’s so much amazing music out there right now its impossible to stay on top of. Things like the DJ charts section really help see whats hot.

12) Last question, who’s going to win the WORLD CUP?

Surely the smart money is on Brazil, I would have said Argentina but they just played tonight and they’re not looking too special. Fingers crossed England pull something out of the bag in the end!

Doorly latest release ‘Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly’ is out now on Traxsource.


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