Jack's Hut (Episode 1): Demarkus Lewis

Jack Traxsource presents his flagship installment of ‘Jack’s Hut’, a recurring Q & A session featuring a mix of today’s most established & up-and-coming jackin/funky producers on the planet. For this first episode Ol’ Jack picks the brain of fellow Texan & good friend Demarkus Lewis of Grin Traxx.

Everything is bigger in Texas and Demarkus proves that not only in his physical stature standing over six and a half feet tall but his chart-topping releases as well. Let’s find out what he’s up to shall we? Demarkus, “YOU IN MY HUT NOW!!!

So you recently moved back to Dallas where you are originally from after living in the UK for a bit. Are you glad to be back and how is Big D treating you?

Very glad to be back in the States! I enjoyed London but there is nothing like Texas and my fam here in Dallas. So much Talent in this city its just amazing. It’s like a tight lil secret.”

I hear you are starting a new residency in Dallas at Zubar with my boy J. Caprice of Juiced Music & H.A.R.D.? That should be off the hook! How did that come about?

Yeah that’s right! .. I’m starting a new venture with J. Cap starting Dec 13th. I’ve actually always thought we should do something together. We’ve played a few times on the same bill here in Dallas. We have several things in common when it comes to this House thang and it just seemed to fall into place.

The newest release on your label Grin Traxx features an upstart producer & friend of mine from Dallas named Preach a.k.a. Brian Baldridge. What I’ve heard from him so far which includes this release is very impressive. I think he has a bright future and obviously you do too. How did this collaboration come about and do you plan on working more with him?

Well Preach and I were driving down to Austin for a gig we had on July 4th this past year and I mentioned he should focus more on writing beats as I firmly believe he has a great ear for good music. I work with a lot of local guys here in town helping out where I can with production tips. Preach is ready to shine for sure. I’m sure he’ll have a few follow ups on Grin Traxx .. he’s part of the family now!”

There seems to be a resurgence lately of that classic big feel-good peak-time house. You’ve been considered as mainly a deep house Producer/DJ (and a damn good one at that) but lately you seem to be incorporating more of the jack approved jackin’ & peak-time vibe. Is this just something you’ve been feeling more of at the moment?

Yeah I’ve been really feeling the big room disco sound as of late. Truth be told tho the deep is well inside. I do so much music these days that it’s hard for even myself to predict what will come out next. I’ve always done disco stuff .. my first release was a 4 track Disco Jack release called ‘Makin It Happen in Kaotic Timez’ – Swerve Records. Everything about house comes from Disco!

What software/hardware are you primarily using in the studio & do you have any projects on the launchpad we should know about?

I use Ableton to Create and Logic to mix and master. If I told you anymore I’d have to .. well you know :) As for new projects there are a lot of things in the works. As for my personal things I have an onslaught of new Grin Releases with appearances by DJ Mes, Stacy Kidd and several others.

Can we expect to see you at WMC again this year and any upcoming gigs worth mentioning?

Yes WMC is in the plans again this year. I’m just now accepting gigs for spring and summer I’ve been locking myself away in the studio. I’m looking forward to Mexico City later this month (Nov) and a another West Coast tour is in the works.

What do you enjoy doing when you have free-time and aren’t in the studio?

Huh … what do you mean ‘free-time’?! When I’m not in the Studio I’m in the Studio! LOL! PS3 is cool sometimes too.

Jack would like to extend a huge thank you to the big fella for forgoing some of his studio time to do this Q&A! I’m sure we’ll do it again in the future. Be sure to check out some of his most current releases on labels such as Sampled, Dub Kollectiv, as well as his own labels Grin Traxx, & Grin Music.