Greymatter - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

Graham Luckhurst aka Greymatter (from Brighton, UK) is one of the three original ‘resident producers’ of WOLF Music, alongside his brother KRL, and Medlar. His unique take on House music is the result of an inclusive and progressive musical palette that has seen him take in a sprawling catalogue of music over the years. Add in an ear for raw, booming sonics and the result is a sound that is uniquely his own. Greymatter’s propulsive productions and remixes are much sought after, and a relentless work rate and seemingly endless list of collaborators leave him well placed to deliver some of the most cutting-edge releases and original DJ sets around.

With Graham’s new Album ‘Visions’ out now on Traxsource, he took some time out to share 5 important trax that changed his life.

1) Pepe Braddock – Deep Burnt

I actually bought this record without really feeling it, way back when it originally came out. It grew on me over the course of 10 years or so and now I play it pretty much every set – if I can. My vinyl copy is hammered and the price tag scares me a bit now! Memories of this at Plastic People in London, it was just made for that original room. Sounds like you’re in a dark fridge.

2) Afronaut – Transcend Me

Ultimate London town dance record this one. Just immense from start to finish. My favourite ‘broken beat’ record and one of the main reasons I started making music.

3) North End – Tee’s Happy

This was one of the first disco/boogie crossover records I heard, on Jumpin compilation on Harmless, years ago. It’s a real lesson in working a track – 6 minutes of guitar, synth and drum builds then a tiny vocal payoff at the end, then fade out. Always leaves me wanting more. I got into researching Tee Scott off the back of this one, he was involved in so many interesting records, well worth investigating.

4) Hipnotic – Are You Lonely

Super dope slow boogie from the early 80’s. Tough drums and a slightly sloppy but real vibey vocal line. Love the breaks and the 2 step swing. Never found one on wax, way too expensive.

5) Antonio Adolfo e A Brazuca – Transamazonica

Thought I should throw in a Brazilian one for good measure. This song has everything; it’s tough and deep and the arrangement is something else. This album is a stone cold classic too – if you can get hold of one… Not easy.

Greymatter’s latest Album ‘Visions’ out now via Wolf Music on Traxsource.

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