&ME - 5 Trax That Rocked My Gigs

When one could assume, &ME entered the House and Techno world somewhat out of the blue, it is due to his sublime modesty that’s already captured in his alias. Coming from Hamburg to Berlin in 2004 his talent was soon recognized by folks like DJ Hell or DJ T. who hired him as their co-producer. Besides, he was playing the clubs (national and international) all week every week and putting his effort in remixes for the likes of Roxy Music, Tiefschwarz or Anthony Rother. But as soon as he dropped his first solo productions, he finally made himself a name in a quite unparalleled way.

“F.I.R.” – his first release on keinemusik, a collective of Berlin based DJs and producers, he helped founding in 2009, was a massive clubhit, but in the end not much more than a foretaste of things to come. Releases and remixes on Front Room, Souvenir, Rebirth, Liebe*Detail, Saved etc. followed, his reputation as a gifted producer and DJ extraordinaire spread even more into international realms, and that’s where he stands right now, as his blend of Techno and soulful Housemusic took incredible shape: Many new projects in focus and clearly visible as one of the most unique and original figures in the game.

With his new release ‘After Dark’ out on Traxsource & doing well in the clubs, &ME gives us insight into a selection of tracks causing damage in his recent club sets.

1) Saschienne – Grand Cru (Pachanga Boys Glam Drive)

Opened with this track at my first keinemusik night in budapest with Adam Port. The HI!FLY guys are doing regular parties at Cinema Hall – an old cinema that was turned into a three floor nightclub. A whole different feeling to play there cause the people right in front of you are standing in a pit while those in the back are even higher than the 2 meter DJ booth. I remember that I cut the bass off the track for several minutes so bringing it back after the break had an crazy impact on the dancefloor.

2) X-Press 2 – Kill 100 feat. Rob Harvey (Carl Craig Remix)

The Coffy Radio crew invited me to play at their summer events at Eremo Club Bari. I wasn’t sure what to expect but as I arrived at the ultra packed parking lot around 1, I knew that this is going to be a hell of a party right at the beach. The heavily driven but tension building mood of the track fitted perfectly to the second half of my set that turned into a 2007/2008 revival. Excellent years for electronic music.

3) Metronomy – She Wants (Javi Redondo & Carreno is LB Re-Edit)

The good thing about label nights is that the warmup, peaktime and afterhour slots are all yours. This track was definitely part of the afterhour but I can’t remember a specific party where I played it because I play it a lot. The only thing I know – it can’t be your last track because the mood is already set to go on and on and on.

4) Wigbert – What Is This?

Timewarp Mannheim was my second Timewarp appearance after I played the pre party in Italy with Rampa and DJ W!ld. We opened up for Magda and the whole Visionquest crew and thought that we could take it easy at the beginning but is was packed right from the start. I never thought that the Wigbert track was that strong while listening to it at home but with it’s extra long breaks it was definitely a sure shot. Thanks to Cosmopop for this experience.

5) &ME – After Dark

It’s always hard for me to feel good about playing my own track when it’s not released. People won’t recognize it and when you get no reactions you tend to throw it away and lock yourself into the studio for days. So I tried the safe ways and played it at Panorama Bar to check out the mix and as soon as the curtains opened and the hands went up, I knew I was on the right path with this release.

&ME’s latest release ‘After Dark’ out now on Traxsource.