Mark Fanciulli talks ‘Chord Kaoss' & More

Maidstone, UK resident Mark Fanciulli is one of modern electronic music’s most complete artists. An innovative and forward thinking producer whose dexterity and creativity behind the decks have made him a much desired DJ around the world. With a strong work ethic and a clear and determined vision for the future, it has been no surprise to see Mark climb the ranks as quickly and with as much humility as he has managed since his 2011 debut. His productions over the years have been snapped up by labels like Defected, Saved Records, VIVa MUSiC, Cr2, Toolroom, Area Remote, Rejected & Ovum Recordings.

With Marks latest release ‘Chord Kaoss’ high on the Traxsource Techno charts. We sat down with him to chat about the Maidstone scene, music, his brother (Nic Fanciulli) & more

The Interview

1) Hey Mark, thanks for taking some time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are doing?

Right now I’m currently in the studio going through new music for this week’s coming weeks.

2) Tell us about the electronic music scene in Maidstone, where you are from, when you were growing up and how that influenced you?

Maidstone is a typical English town but when it comes to electronic music, it is much richer with its underground side when comparing it to similar towns. It seems to have always been that way from before the time when I got the opportunity to go out to clubs in the town to the present day. There is a new generation of kids keeping it healthy and people not only travel from the Home Counties but also from as far afield as Manchester and Liverpool. It definitely gave me a lot of encouragement and fun, as I was always lucky to have talented international artists on our doorstep that I could easily see without having to trek up to London. I remember from the first days I went out I got really excited and encouraged from seeing many artists perform and they influenced me in many, many ways. I wanted to be like them and do what they were doing but in my own style.

3) Having taken the decision to embark upon a career in music and production, when did you really feel like you really “made it”?

I still don’t think that I’ve really made it. My career has definitely progressed a lot in the past couple of years and has continually moved in the direction that I want it to. With regards to “making it” I think even if and when I reach that level I won’t really think about it. To rise in the entertainment industry and remain at the forefront of it, your hungry attitude can never change and I would never like to think about that mindset. It could then slip as we have seen it with many people in the arts.

4) How useful was your brother (Nic Fanciulli) for advice and as a mentor in the early part of your career? What was he most helpful with?

I don’t think that Nic could have been any more supportive in all aspects of my career let alone my life. He has had a long and successful career and knows what he is doing and if I ever need any advice or direction I know I can count on his wealth of knowledge to guide me or assist me with making a decision. One thing he was particularly helpful with was giving me a job at Saved which let me learn a lot about running a label, dealing and meeting new people in the industry and getting to work with great artists and being exposed to their music. He also helped me with many productions saying where I should ship them to and is always honest with me.

5) Your latest release entitled “Chord Kaoss” just dropped on the Carl Craig’s infamous Planet E imprint, you must be ecstatic?

I am really happy to have a release on such an important and legendary imprint. It’s a label that is highly respected and has a rich history and to have a track picked up by Carl and Monty and then released on it gives me a great feeling. It is also a great boost to your productivity and encouraged me to lock myself away more and more in the studio. I have a hit list of labels and that is one that I can cross off now but hope to feature on again soon one day.

6) Tell us about the musical direction of this traditional 2-track EP offering? Can you please explain a little bit about the direction of the a-side and the B-side in your own words…

On the A side you have “Chord Kaoss” which is the more punchy and banging one of the two. It has a real deep pulsating bass layered with several synths. Over on the flip is “Helsinki” which is the more deeper/techy of the release. This is probably less club friendly but is a track that I was really happy to produce as it is really something different to what I have been working on.

7) I had the chance to catch you spinning at a LINK Miami Rebels show (in Miami) a few months ago, great party! Do you enjoy coming to play in the states? How does the US differ from the UK scene?

The US is one of my favourite destinations to come to. Away form the music scene, I love it as a country as it’s so diverse and offers something for everyone. Music wise it has the same offerings for people both in the underground and commercial markets. I have always thought of moving there one day for both of those reasons and may do. I have a great life where I am in Kent but it’s always good to try new things. The Link Miami Rebels show was the best way to end the 2nd part of the Saved100 tour hitting North America. The guys know how to put on a great show in several locations and I always enjoy going back for more gigs with them.

8) And how do you play out? What is your preferred DJ set-up? (i.e. traktor, usb, vinyl)

My set up comprises of Traktor running on my 13” Macbook air using scratch control on the CDJ2000’s a DJM900 mixer and Kontrol X1. The mixer has great features such as the filters and the effects bank, especially when layering the ones in Traktor that I control with the X1. For the Sound card I use and Audio 8 and I also always ensure I have back up media as laptops aren’t 100% reliable (like all electronic things), so I make sure I have plenty of material on SD card.

9) Are there any unusual requests on your rider?

Nah I don’t think there are. All it really comprises of is the right tools so I can do my job along with a few refreshments.

10) Where can your fans catch you in playing this summer?

This summer I will be playing across Europe, Africa and North America, and pretty much across the globe. Key gigs include Defected at Booom and La Familia at Ushuaia – I always look forward to coming back to Ibiza every year.

Mark Fanciulli latest release ‘Chord Kaoss’ is out now on Traxsource.

Mark Fanciulli