This Week In Pictures

“Beachtime with the Hidden Agenda crew! #garden2014 #tisno #hiddenagenda”
@Detroit Swindle (pictured above)

We bring you this week’s pictorial round-up of what really goes on in the lives of some of our beloved producers, dj’s and labels whilst out on their travels…

Black Motion

“Today #spiritmotionSA studio with #Realblackcoffee “ @Black Motion

Green Velvet

“with Jeff Mills in Detroit during Movement festival 2014” @Green Velvet

Nick Holder

“At the 83 West Studios with Tyrone Solomon #Trackheadz” @Nick Holder

J Paul Getto

@J Paul Getto

Culoe De Song

“Hello Sierre!” @Culoe De Song

Soul Clap

“Thank You Electric Forest and Jennica Mae Photography!” @Soul Clap

Lars Vegas (Detroit Swindle)

“Morning…” @Lars Vegas

DJ Pierre

“Glastonbury Block 9 Stage. It’s crazeeee. JUST the right set up for some ACID HOUSE music all nite long. #housemusic #acidhouse” @DJ Pierre


“Splash pool party happening now :)” @Jask

Mark Fanciulli

“En route to Belgium to play Xoda Belgium in Tongeren……” @Mark Fanciulli

Matt Jam Lamont

“Outside #Block9 #TheLondonUnderground at #Glastonbury #festival before my set.” @Matt Jam Lamont

Eats Everything

“he best DJ booth in the world. Lucky little (big) bastard to play in it!” @Eats Everything

Golf Clap

“Our main set at Electric Forest!!! Wow what an incredible experience. Unbelievable. Going to be vibing off this gig for a long time. “ @Golf Clap

Loco Dice

“The best way to stay dry at Glastonbury Festival! Cheers everyone!!” @Loco Dice


“Ready to rock the Molo Street Parade with all the LAPSUS MUSIC crew!” @Supernova

Todd Terje

“Finally, my own synth!” @Todd Terje

Hot Since 82

“Photo-shoot in Sheffield… #StrikeAPose #Vogue” @Hot Since 82

Gilbert Le Funk

@Gilbert Le Funk

Jamie Jones

“Bye bye Croatia, hello Ibiza! – #ATribeCalledParadise” @Jamie Jones

Graham Sahara

“Perfect set up in the booth at Pacha tonight! Football and music” @Graham Sahara

4 Peace

“Mix for the FunkYaMind crew goin down in 3…2…1…” @4 Peace


“Getting ready for the weekend with Rachel Row, KEi, Qaseo and myself. “ @KinK


“Always sad to leave this place. Had an amazing time at #karmakandara #karmabeachclubs as always. Until next time ! X Karma Beach Karma Resorts” @Husky

Tom Flynn

“Got a new turntable ;)” @Tom Flynn

Sonny Wharton

“Sunrise in Stockholm… :)” @Sonny Wharton

Tom Trago

“This goes way back. #artis” @Tom Trago

Seth Troxler

“i’m hangin with Annie Mac on uk channel 4’s show taking you behind the scenes in the life of a dj. watch tomorrow at midnight” @Seth Troxler