David Harness - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

David Harness is one of the most popular DJ/producers in the San Francisco Bay Area club scene. He has been described as “a man who lives, breathes and emanates everything that is beautiful about deep house music and classic garage.’” On the DJ circuit, David had the opportunity to play with many legendary DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Little Louie Vega, Tedd Patterson, Dave Morales, Danny Teneglia, Miguel Migs, Quentin Harris, Dennis Ferrer, Derrick Carter Mr. V, Kenny Dope & DJ Spinna.

In music production David has established himself as a respected producer and remixer. To date, David has worked on projects featuring artists such as Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Simply Red, Alicia Keys, Floetry, Donnie McClurkin, India Arie, *NSYNC, and Donnell Jones, Ann Nesby, Anane, Barbara Tucker, Inaya Day, Shea Soul, Dawn Tallman, Heidi Vogel, Yoko Ono, Roland Clark as well as remixing for labels Defected, Kings Street, Vega Records, Foliage, Quantize Recordings, Making Moves, Tribe Records, Look At You, Yellorange/Tony Records, Chez, Slaag, Bargrooves.

To coincide with David’s latest release on Moulton Music titled ‘Make Me Feel’ which you can get at Traxsource right now, he opens up about the 5 trax that had major impact in his life.

1) Scandalous – Two Puerto Ricans, A Black Man, & A Dominican

I had just moved to Los Angeles to go to school 1989 and my favourite station at that time was Power106. They were so on the cutting edge of music.  In those days you heard R&B, Freestyle, New Wave, and Hip Hop all on one station.  When they played Scandalous, it was like something I never heard before. I later realised it was one of my introductions to House music.  

2) Don’t Make Me Wait (Dub) – The Peech Boys

Back in the day 81/82-ish, I depended on radio to hear the latest jams, also at this time my family was always traveling to LA from Monterey at least once a month. My dad was in the Military and all my family was all over Southern California where my folks are from. There was another radio station that I was infatuated with called KUTE102. I had my Boom Box cassette player before the craze hit and heard Mucho Morales play ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ Dub/vocal and thought I lost my mind. I never knew later on how important that song would be in my DJ career and what I heard on the West Coast.

3) Runaway – Nuyorican Soul F/ India

First of all it was my favourite vocalist India and Masters At Work who could do no wrong back then and today. What makes this song so special is actually being a part in getting Runaway on regular rotation on 106KMEL San Francisco with Joey Arbagey, Pete Avila, & Foxxee Brown my Your Mama’s House Family back in the day 1994-99.

4) Gypsy Woman – Crystal Waters

Hosh Guerelli Played this on the San Francisco Underground House show on 106KMEL. I recorded it on a cassette and played it at the After Dark in Monterey which was my weekly residency in Monterey.  It had that radio static and all when the station is not coming in so clear. I didn’t care that record HOT!!!!! Then I went to Colossus in SF for the first time and Ms Waters was performing that same night. 

5) Give It To You – Martha Wash

This song was my shit!!! Not only was I letting the Gay kids have it with this song at ‘The After Dark’ but, it makes me think of my dear friends Deno Darby, Fabian Whipple, and Zeek (RIP). Driving up to either San Jose or San Francisco to get our LIFE!!!

Check David’s latest release ‘Make Me Feel’ out on Traxsource

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