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Originally from Australia and now residing in London, UK. Juliet Fox has been involved in music throughout most of her life. She is a dynamic DJ, Producer (with successful releases on Cajual, Relief, Beatdown & her own label Attraction Music), & Radio Presenter. From the time she was taught to play the guitar & piano at a young age, only to discover later in life the musical area she would actually pursue. Her energetic attitude & versatile sets of all things house, is one not to miss.

She recently dropped the follow up to ‘If You Feel’ titled ‘I Got You EP’ on Traxsource so we sat down with her to chat about it & more in this Exclusive Interview.

The Interview

1) Hey Juliet, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today, just a few months ago, your single “If You Feel” on Sonny Fodera’s ‘Beatdown’ imprint smashed through the Traxsource charts to ultimately hit #1! Congratulations are definitely in order! How did it feel when you found out? 

I’m still buzzing about it! Seeing it climb and hit No.1 on the deep house chart after only a few days was what built the excitement. Then it became like an addiction checking almost every hour what position it was at, as it then climbed to No.1 overall and stayed there for almost 2 weeks. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know other producers are digging your music, and helping get it to that No.1 spot!

2) Well good look on the next one! Speaking of which, we are here to talk about your brand new EP on Cajual entitled “I GOT YOU” which is out now as a 4 week exclusive on Traxsource – tell us a little bit about this latest 2 track EP…

There was a lot of support, and a huge response for my track ‘If You Feel’. So this is a follow up release, with a similar chill/sexy vibe on ‘I Got You’, to something a bit more dirty/grimy with ‘Break Me’, and which also features my own vocal in it for that added touch.

3) Your biography lends itself to much experience not only as a producer and DJ but also as a label owner and radio presenter; does multiple skill-sets in your industry aid in your success? Is wearing many hats (so to speak) integral to making it in our house music niche today?

I think it shows diversity in the industry, and it obviously puts you out there to a broader market in the house music industry. I actually first started as a radio presenter about 7 years ago on a station called Fresh FM (Adelaide, Australia), which lead me into DJing and having my own specialist show,and of course playing out live. The production then followed almost at the same time as me starting up my own label.

4) Your record label ‘Attraction Music’ seems to be getting tons of support in it’s growth stage, tell us a little about your imprint, here is your chance to plug!

Its great to have so many talented producers get involved with my label, and especially having faith in me right from the beginning. The best feeling is signing someone’s first ever release, as I know how it was starting out! Its like a little family now ha!

To coincide with my label I have just had my first Attraction Radio show on Bloop. London, which will be monthly, showcasing artists on Attraction Music.

5) It seems the reality of the female presence in house music is growing exponentially but is still very much male dominated, do you feel or witness this pressure first hand as an female DJ/Producer/Artist?

I did when I first started out. It was like you had to prove your self two-fold just because you were female. It’s definitely changing and for the better, and I get a lot of support from all the guys I work with. I also have a few collabs on the go at the moment with other male producers, which I think is cool. Plus I have met so many other amazing female DJs/Producers, especially in London and they all support each other and have a huge amount of respect for each other within the industry.

6) People have an image that DJ touring life is non-stop partying? Is it true?

Haha…it definitely can be! Between gigs, traveling, production, social media, radio shows, show prepping, and so on… it’s non stop. But I absolutely strive on it, and love every part of it. You just need to be prepared for minimal sleep, keeping high energy levels, socializing, and lots of traveling down time.

7) You’re originally from Australia correct? Where can we catch Juliet Fox this summer? Any Ibiza plans?

Yes, from Adelaide in South Australia. Although I left my hometown, almost 5 years ago now. Traveling all around the world playing and living in places like Ibiza, Birmingham, Melbourne, and now my new home in London. I have a lot of shows throughout the UK in July and Aug, Ibiza in September, and then I’m touring back in Asia & Australia in October, and then the US early November. So very excited for the next 4 months!

8) Share one guilty musical pleasure… (the more embarrassing, the better)

I have always loved Boney M. I used to dance around singing to all their tunes as a little kid.

9) Name 2 DJ/Producers you look up and aspire too…

The first one would definitely be Cajmere (and not just because he signed my tracks haha). His true Chicago House sound, and on going achievements are amazing. The way he mixes from deep, tech and techno is something I have always loved. Next would be Loco dice for his great label and branding with Desolat, and music style of all things house.

10) Last question, who’s going to win the WORLD CUP?

Germany!! I am actually in Cologne now, so the city is alive! Germany for the win! :)

Juliet Fox latest release ‘I Got You EP’ is out now on Traxsource.

Juliet Fox

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