Protect Your Music w/ AudioLock & Increase Sales

We’re extremely happy to announce our Exclusive Partnership with AudioLock, the worlds leading anti-piracy company. This innovative deal provides our label partners a fantastic opportunity to save both time and money when using their anti-piracy services.

By removing infringing links from search engine pages, in tandem to removing the actual infringing download links, search results for legitimate sites like Traxsource and review sites are pushed up. This helps to drive your sales and increase chart positions because customers are able to easily find your content, instead of being presented with fake copyright infringing download stores and free downloads from pirate sites.

Become a Partner today and receive:

  • Free 1 Month Trial
  • Save 20% (if you decide to stay)
  • 1 Click Ingestion (from Traxsource to AudioLock)
  • No monthly contract

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Proven to Increase Sales, and Maximize Revenue

Don’t take our word for it, just look at what some of the best labels and producers in the industry have to say. Heavy hitters like Defected Records, Toolroom Records, Ajunabeats, and many more.

Anna Wall – Promotions Manager – Defected Records

“AudioLock’s watermarking, 24/7 scanning & takedown platform makes it easy to manage all our promo campaigns securely and effectively allowing us to concentrate on promoting our music.”

Chris Barleycorn – Digital & PR Manager – Toolroom

“Toolroom Records employ AudioLock because it is the most comprehensive and effective anti-piracy service we have ever used . They provide outstanding results…”

Michael Farrell – Digital & Licensing Manager – Anjunabeats / Anjunadeep

“AudioLock is simple and easy to use, offering fast and effective removal of hundreds of illegal download links, while the reporting system gives the label peace of mind…”

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Groundbreaking Piracy Protection.

AudioLock provides the most cost-effective, rapid and accurate way to protect your releases from digital piracy and maximize revenue. AudioLock is the recognized leader in industry.

View Googles Tranceparency report on AudioLock

1 Click Import From Traxsource

Simply ingest your files and metadata with a click into the AudioLock system using our integrated back end systems. The moment your release is ingested into Traxsource, it’s instantly available to AudioLock, even if it’s months before commercial release.

Automated 24/7 Scanning and Takedown

Speed, reach and accuracy are the watchwords in online, copyright infringing link removal. AudioLock offers all three as standard in the worlds most efficient automated system.

  • Continuous scanning with automated DMCA sending
  • Back catalogue protection.
  • Works for cyberlockers and torrent sites
  • Removal from social media including VK, YouTube & SoundCloud
  • Takedown of infringing results from Google & Bing
  • Scrubbing of ClickScam sites
  • Realtime statistics with fast takedowns
  • No monthly contract

Watermarked Promo Delivery

Inaudible, robust watermarking technology comprehensively protects your promo campaigns from leaks regardless of what form your music is in. Easily identify the source of leaks allowing you to stop piracy happening again.

  • Inaudible watermark
  • Uniquely traceable
  • Extremely robust
  • Works even after format conversion
  • Easy to use promo delivery system
  • Secure global fast delivery network (CDN)
  • Can be delivered as WAV, MP3 or MP4
  • Cost effective

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