Soul Clap Records is born

Finally, after years of preparation on the dancefloor, in the studio and of course in the DJ booth we’ve gained the peace, love, knowledge and understanding to write our own musical future. From this day onward Soul Clap Records is born: a place of mystery, art and experimentation.

A home for our music and our many aliases and collaborations. A world of artistic development that we kick off by proudly presenting to you, a new talent from Texas via Brooklyn, the one and only Night Plane.

And what better place to land than straight onto the deep playa. Today we announce the birth of our label by bringing you a sneak preview of the first release, Night Plane’s ‘Heartbeat EP’. This special giveaway was one of our favorite Burning Man jams last year and since it’s that time of year again, it feels like the perfect way to get you in the mood…

Night Plane – ‘Heartbeat EP’ is out now on Soul Clap Records.