5 things you don't know about Ridney

Southampton born Paul Ridney is a 3x winner of the prestigious ‘Essential New Tune’ award on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Selection, he’s worked with most of dance music’s major labels Defected, Azuli, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Size, Spinnin, Pacha and Strictly Rhythm. As a DJ, he has travelled extensively across Europe with highlights inc Ushuaia, Eden, Hush Space in Ibiza plus Ministry of Sound, Pacha & The 02 in London.

Ridney just dropped an Exclusive release via Great Stuff Records titled Everything You Do which is available on Traxsource & with that we had him share some interesting facts about himself.

  • 1) Back when I was 18, I spent a couple of years working for Nintendo in the telephone support and games testing department. My brother and I had imported a console from Japan and completed the launch titles before the N64 was released in the UK, so when I went for my interview and explained, Nintendo UK were keen to get me on board!
  • 2) I appeared on UK TV show GamesWorld (on Sky One / UK), when I was 13 (1994). It was a TV show were kids battled each other on well known video games. I was knocked out in round 2 playing Thunderforce IV on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis in the US). There’s still some copies on VHS around somewhere!!
  • 3) Golden Syrup – those who know me well know that this is my comfort food. When I arrive home and I’m tired from travelling nothing is quite as good as Golden Syrup on toast.
  • 4) My first collaboration with James Talk (“Sunshyne”) on CR2 Records was originally called “I Don’t Like Cricket” for months right up until the day before release.
  • 5) One of my first jobs was helping out my father who was ranked quite high in the Fire Service / Fire Department. In the UK there was a health and safety mascot called Welephant and I was the right size to fit in the costume. I got asked to make various appearances as Welephant until I got too big for the costume … thanks Dad!

Ridney’s latest release “Everything You Do” via Great Stuff out on Traxsource.


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