David Duriez - 5 Trax That Changed My Life

French DJ & Producer David Duriez is one of the most conscientious artists on the scene. He is predominately known for his house & techno sets and Brique Rouge label. The length of David’s discography speaks for itself, having lent his name to more than 200 records as a producer, composer and/or remixer. Duriez has also key in the rise of French labels like Freak n’Chic & Robsoul.

David Duriez latest release The Trouble I’ve Been Known For EP is out now Exclusively on Traxsource and to link in with that, he outlines 5 trax that have had the biggest impact in his life and music career.

1) Marrs – Pump Up The Volume

It started really here for me. When I discovered Marrs I was 12 years old and then I realized it was possible to cut parts from tunes and make another one with the pieces. Sampling (I did not know the term at that time) just entered my life forever. The tune is not available as it was impossible for the band and label to clear every samples used. The Youtube version is heavily modified from the original with a lot of samples missing…

2) Photon Inc – Generate Power (Wild Pitch Mix)

Just had goosebumps while listening to the sample on the site. Dj Pierre with the Wild Pitch style changed my way of producing. The layering of music, the way he adds elements all the time to build a track you could not imagine in the beginning. This is true Wild Pitch. I’ve never came back from this. It haunts me for more than 20 years now.

3) Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)

Probably one of the most influential track on my career, this one sums it all for me. Acid, Techno, House, Evil Breakdown. I’ve been one of the biggest Hardfloor’s fan since then. They created something on their own, and stuck to it throughout the time and it ALWAYS work.

4) Ron Trent – Altered States

Now that is what Techno is for me. You can listen to “Altered States” a hundred times, it is simple, but it works its magic on you and on the dancers. Really hard to step away when it’s playing. Simply beautiful, one the best Techno records, if not the best, ever made!

5) Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness

Josh has been so influential it was hard to pick just one track. I’ve chosen “Higher State…” because this is really the one that changed my life at that time. You can’t top that, it is out of this earth. I’m just jealous of all the kids who have been given the chance to hear this for the first time now.

David Duriez latest project “The Trouble I’ve Been Known For EP” is out now on Traxsource.

David Duriez