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Welcome to Sample Pack Saturday. NEW essential studio production tools, sample packs & DJ Loops featured on Traxsource to take your production & sets to the next level.

Synth Patches – Essential Retro Synths For Logic X

Loopmasters proudly welcome back Los Angeles based musician / producer Colin C with a fresh collection of sculpted synth presets and mix ready channel strips for Logic X.

Essential Retro Synth is a brand new collection of 100 synth presets and 50 bonus channel strips tailor made by Logic expert Colin C which showcases a broad range of rich, lively tones perfect for all electronic producers working within the Logic X environment wanting to get the most from the Retro Synth plugin that come bundled with Logic X.
Retro Synth is a powerful new software plugin included with the Logic X package that aims to emulate the synthesis types and sounds of legendary synthesizers from Yamaha, Moog and Korg. With four unique operating modes of synthesis including Analog, Sync, Wave Table and Frequency Modulation, Retro Synth is capable of a huge palette of sounds ranging from classic warm analogue tones to loud digital crunchiness and everything inbetween.

Within these 100 presets you?ll find Deep and Warm Basses, Elegant Leads, Rich Evolving Pads, and Killer FX including white noise risers, tonal twists suitable for many electronic productions including Deep House, Drum and Bass, EDM, House and Ambient.

Also included are 50 bonus Channel Strip settings, complete signal processing designed by Colin C. who?s been mixing and engineering music with Logic Pro for nearly a decade, and boasts credits to not only numerous EDM labels, but also TV and Film including NBC, FOX, Showtime and Lionsgate Films

These included Channel Strips for Bass, Leads, FX and Pads are ready to play and combine nicely with the Mix Essentials Channel Strips pack for maximum professional sounding compositions, leaving the mixing to Colin and allowing you to focus on bringing your creativity to life!

Featuring 100 Presets for Logic Pro X?s Retro Synth including 30 Bass Patches, 30 Lead Patches, 20 Pad Patches, 20 FX Patches plus 50 Bonus Channel Strips including 15 Bass Channel Strips, 15 Lead Channel Strips, 10 Pad Channel Strips, 10 FX Channel Strips

Why reach for a 3rd party plugin when you?ve got this great synth ready to use within Logic already, all you need to do is copy this collection into your user library and you will have a fresh collection of production ready sounds at your fingertips. Check out te demo song and sample Essential Retro Synths from Loopmasters TODAY!


Acid Jazz & Garage Beats

Acid Jazz & Garage Beats from Mobius Loops is a collection of 13 multi-tracked drum beats complete with musical accompaniment, blending the shuffled, displaced style of modern Garage & House with Acid Jazz. You’ll find over 300 24-Bit ACID WAV loops perfect for re-sampling or using as a starting point for your own ideas, as well as 73 MIDI files. Within this pack you’ll find 13 folders each containing a full drum loop mix, as well as individually rendered loops for kick, snare, hats, toms, cymbals and percussion.

Separate room/ambient loops are included for the both the kit and percussion elements for maximum control. Each pattern also contains a short fill useful for adding variation. What’s more, every beat includes an instrumentation folder containing upright bass, acoustic & electric piano, organ and brass loops tailor made to fit each pattern individually. MIDI files are included for all melodic and percussive elements heard in the demo and all WAV files are supplied as 24-Bit ACID WAV which includes tempo and key definition.

Producer Loops

In Progressivima

This bundle contains the following products which are described below:

In Progressivima’ is a great bundled product at a bargain price from Busloops covering Deep and Progressive House genres. Jam packed full of melody driven and killer chord progressions, rich pads and synth lines which will make a perfect addition to your Progressive and Deep House collection. Sounds direct from the underground scene which will lift your productions to another level. You are sure to find inspiration for your next Progressive or Deep House production. You will find sizzling synth lines, lush pads, huge basslines and arpeggiations. All the ingredients necessary to construct countless Deep Progressive floor fillers.

Busloops Music

Soulful Breaks

Lack of Afro returns to Loopmasters with an incredible royalty free collection of live drum breaks dripping with all the vintage soul and character normally associated with classic vinyl recordings. Since the release of Analogue Soul by Lack of Afro at Loopmasters we have been bombarded with praise for the drum loops in his collection and so at your request we sent Adam Gibbons back to the studio to devise a fiendishly funky break collection to literally beat all break collections. This wonderful collection features 62 solid soul drum grooves suitable for producers looking for authentic classic sounding breaks for their Broken Beat, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Downtempo, Breaks, Disco and Soul Funk productions.

I’ve tried to make the pack as comprehensive as possible & have used the exact same process I use to get the LOA drum sound. In all there are 62 different beats, all with added percussion & spread over 13 different tempos ranging from 80-140bpm. Everything was recorded to tape, and then transferred into Logic for editing. I also wanted to allow producers the maximum flexibility so each beat has variations and combinations designed to be mixed & matched according to taste. Each of the 62 Grooves have 10 Loops and feature variations such as Full (drum kit heavy kick heavy snare tambourine shaker cowbell conga), Full No Perc (all without the percussion), Heavy Kick (just the heavy kick), Heavy Snare (just the heavy snare), Just Perc (just the percussion together), Just Kit (just drum kit), Just Conga, Just Cowbell, Just Tambourine & Just Shaker.



Marshall Jefferson – House Generation – DJ TOOLS Edition

Original Released: January 2011

DJ MIXTOOLS from LOOPMASTERS is a brand new concept for forward-thinking DJs and live artists. Offering new and exciting possibilities for studio production and live performance offering ROYALTY FREE access to remix, effect, chop and loop the parts in your own individual style to create an exciting and refreshing new mix.

House Generation is a collection of samples produced by Marshall for producers looking to make inspired classic and future House tracks.There are a handful of men who have the title of ‘Godfather’ of house music, and while many have legitimate claims to the title, because of seniority and being there at the beginning, one stands out from the crowd as being the one that actually defined not only House music, but dance music itself as we know it today, his name is Marshall Jefferson.