Get to know: MoBlack Records

With MoBlack Records latest release Sensual Seduction out now on Traxsource, we sat down with label CEO-founder Mimmo Falcone alias MoBlack to find out a little more about his imprint in this exclusive label feature.

Hi Mimmo, thanks for catching up with us – tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been in the music business?

I’m from Italy but I’ve been residing in Ghana since 2003. In Ghana, I experienced Afro-music and I founded MoBlack Records. MoBlack Records is a branch of an entire project called “MoBlack” from TWI – the local language “Mo” means congratulation/well done. The aim of the project is to promote the beauty of Africa in Music, Art and Fashion. So MoBlack is about DJing/Producing and all aspects that make up; A RECORD LABELRADIO – TV – ARTFASHION. I’ve been in music business since my early teens as a DJ and speaker – playing in radio and disco’s in South Italy with my alias IL FALCONE. But with the alias MoBlack – I started to produce music as well. The project MoBlack goes back to October 2012 but MoBlack Records is only 9 months old. The first release of MoBlack Records was ‘THE ULTIMATE AFRO’ (EP) and since the first release, MoBlack and MoBlack Records have got the attention from some of the biggest international DJ’s and producers.      

Tell us about your latest releases & projects?

I have a few big but different releases, projects and collaborations going on but the latest in chronological order are: “My World”; #Sickdrum and “Sensual Seduction Remixes”. “My World”  by Afronature ft. Bongza which represents the first SOULFUL HOUSE release of the label. Afro-nature is a group of producers based in South Africa. They are self taught producers and together they really brought a unique elegant sound to the release. With “My World” they were blessed to work with Domscott, DJ Treezy and Trevor D. #Sickdrum represents the follow up of the “SOLID AFRO” compilation vol.1: techno with Afro and ancestral vibes. The sound is raw, deep, dirty, Afro, and we like to call it “Solid Afro”. “Sensual Seduction by E-Jay & Over12 ft. MCM Remixed by M. Caporale represents a restyle of a great song made by upcoming artists from Angola and remixed by a well known Italian DJ/producer/remixer — a real hit maker.

Can you tells us about the artists (current & upcoming) featured on MoBlack Records?

In alphabetic order: Carlos Francisco, Cubanno, David Montoya, DJ Givenchy, DJ Homez, DJ Soul Fleva, Dom Valente, Elpower Produzer, George Vibe, Matteo, Miguel Lin, Rhythm Staircase, Roberto Milanesi, Savio De Simone and Silent Monkz… just to mention few. 

What’s MoBlack’s musical direction, anything specific or are you open to releasing/producing anything?

The main genre of MOBLACK RECORDS is and will be AFRO HOUSE but we will beopen to all kinds of dance music with Afro-vibes. The direction of the label is to involve more and more Afro artists – singing live and playing live instruments. For this reason I have founded a sub-label called AFRO ZONE (main genre AFRO JAZZ) where we will source sounds, collaborations and inspiration. 

Which release from your label catalogue had he greatest success? And is there a particular release that’s most special to you & why?

The 2 By 2 (EP) by Young DJ, MoBlack published it on March 2014 – it represents the first international collaboration published by the label; and it was the first release of the label charted in Afro House Essentials, Hype Chart and in Afro House Top 100 (on traxsource); and because it represents the mission of the label: supporting local [African] artists in the international dance floor industry.    

Where can people find you online?
Twitter @moblackrecords
Facebook: moblackrecords
Soundcloud: moblack-records
Youtube: moblackchannel

MoBlack Records latest release “Sensual Seduction” out now on Traxsource.

MoBlack Records label & releases on Traxsource.

MoBlack Records