Osunlade signs the Choco Jungle Project

Choco Jungle Project is a film and music initiative where Canadian filmaker Mathew Mulholland travelled into the Choco region of Colombia (and beyond!) to film the stories and record the songs of local and indigenous musicians and singers. He captured those whose talent often goes unheard due to lack of resources and whose songs, traditions, and history run the risk of dying if not documented. Having caught the attention of Yoruba Records boss Osunlade, the project has now evolved into a full album release due for Spring 2013 with all proceeds returned to the women of the group.


It began in December of 2011, when Mathew met and befriended 10 Afro-Colombian funeral singers, the last of their kind in the world. After some negotiation, he was able to record the women singing 14 original songs they had written, in a small hut meters from the ocean.

The singers of El Valle performing

“The genesis of this project came about after a recording session deep in the Colombian jungle. I sent the recordings to Carlos Mena of Ocha Records, Carlos sent them to Osunlade who immediately said he would release the material on his Yoruba Records imprint. This is an ongoing process which we have slated for release in the Spring of 2013 – a full album with geographical, regional and biographical information. I am very proud to have the material of the group, the region of Choco and the music of Colombia presented on such an important label.”Mathew Mulholland

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The Choco Jungle Project album will be released in Spring 2013 on Yoruba Records.