Ralf GUM - How I DJ

Ralf GUM’s latest production featuring Monique Bingham ‘The Pap’ Just Landed on Traxsource, and with that the GOGO Music head honcho gives us some insight into how he rolls when he hits in the clubs. This is how Ralf GUM DJ’s.

Are you more of a DJ or Producer — or one in the same?

Both, 100% DJ and 100% Producer.

Describe what makes a good DJ in three or four words.

A good DJ must first of all be a good listener.

Who or what inspired you to become a DJ?


When did you know you wanted to DJ?

Music was a calling in my teens and collecting records led me naturally to DJ-ing.

Who to you is/was “The Dj’s DJ”.

Larry Heard.

Describe your main and preferred DJ set-up.

Quite standard – 2 or 3 CDJs and a Pioneer Mixer.

Do you use a lap-top? If so, what platform/program?

No laptop.

Why do you choose this way of playing?

CDs replaced vinyl, the format I started with, but I still like the feeling of physically searching for what I play.

Any special, unique, crazy things on your rider?

50 white roses next to the mixer and 4 beautiful girls holding the CDJs in a height of 94cm for the full duration of my set…lol

Beverage of choice while playing?

Often water and beer, but that can change on a daily basis depending on the mood.

Favorite country/club/city to play?

Hard to chose. You can find dope parties everywhere. All that’s needed is people understanding and loving the music and a good sound-system.

Do you Sync, What’s your view on this?

Has it leveled the playing field for the better or worse?

I am not syncing at all. Too much technology takes away part of the DJ culture, while the music selection is of course more important than technical aspects or the source you play the music from.

Any DJ Controllers?


Favorite or “go-to” EFXs while playing?

I am mainly using the FX on the mixer, as I like to have everything in one device.

Read the crowd or just pound it out?

Read the crowd, but as well educate at the same time.

Big festivals or intimate clubs? Why?

Both are fun, while intimate clubs allow the more interesting sets.

Ever miss the CDs or Vinyl days?

I am still using CDs and still put out vinyl with my label, as I love it, but you can’t and shouldn’t try to turn back time.

How do you maintain your music library?

I do weekly folders of new stuff on my hard-drives, but only burn the few tracks I really like on CD.

Wavs OR MP3 — WHY? Is their a difference?

WAVs are preferred, every process of a file changes it and I like to hear lossless.

Any Tips for aspiring Young DJs?

Take time to work on musical knowledge, develop an own individual style.

Do you do any of the Obligatory DJ Poses?

Well maybe I should? Nah, not really…

How do combat the “Everyone is a DJ” mentality?

Am just not thinking much about it – live and let live…

Ralf GUM latest release ft Monique Bingham “The Pap” out now on Traxsource.

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