Tripmastaz in 3-2-1

Tripmastaz is the one of a few underground producers/DJ’s out of Russia, who gained respect of an international community of professionals. Almost single-handedly he has been making Russia decidedly more funky over the last 10 years. Tripmastaz is holding residence at the best Special Case Event rooftop parties in St.Petersburg, and Moscow’s finest terrace – Techno Gipsy. In 2013 Tripmastaz holds unique position being representative for DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster movement.

Tripmastaz steps up to throw down his third release for DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster label. Following two full original EPs, the Russian House music producer calls on friends Carlo Lio and Bebadim to remix his latest single TomzWork. And with that, we catch up with Tripmastaz himself, in 3-2-1…

3 Questions:

1) Hey T, How are you? What are you doing right now?

Hey I’m good. We just finished 3rd successful season of our Special Case Event rooftops in St. Petersburg, Russia. So I’m chilling in my studio and preparing for a brain storm music making process. As well as preparing the next releases of my label Plant 74.

2) Tells us about your latest release “TomzWork” on DJ Sneak’s label, I’m A House Gangster.

This is my third release (a single) for DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster label. What you can say about direction? It’s a weird minimalistic jacky piece of live tweakin and twerkin. I call this genre of music “on some other ish”. The Original version was produced around 2006 during the really short late-night session when I was messing around with my own vocal sample. I recorded it in 1 or 2 takes and forgot about it till 2012 – the year I surprised myself with finding it and send to Sneak. Another year and a half passed by and next thing I know Sneak is loving it and The Martinez Brothers are playing it on Boileroom TV. What I like about this release is that Carlo Lio and my young homie Bebadim balanced this weirdo-track out with their rollin’ groovy versions.

3) What’s your studio set-up like to produce these cuts?

My studio set-up is really basic. I’d rather leave people listening to my music than talking about software/hardware things. I’ve been always using my computer and I know how to get a dirty, bumpin sound out if it. 2 things I really need to mention though are my Ableton Push and my Dynaudio BM-12 monitors.

2 Trax I’m feeling right now:

There are so many good tracks right now and in my collection. But these 2 are popped in my head 1st , so I have to stick with the oldies.

1. Johnick – Smoke [Henry Street]

I love the vibe and the feeling of it. It puts me right in the celebrative “its gonna be alright” mood right away, no matter where I’m at mentally and physically.

New Phunk Theory – Killer Picture [Paper Recordings]

I’ve found this gem recently. When I started to DJ in 1998 I was so into this type of mellow ‘internal’ deep house. There’s nothing you can hate about thus track. Great bassline, great beat, great music, great label. Enuff said.

1: Tripmastaz latest release. TomzWork.