Soul Clap - "Our 5 Favourite Clubs"

“Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. Elyte and Cnyce’spaths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturncollided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness…”

Soul Clap is an American DJ and production duo from Boston, Massachusetts. Active in the club scenesince 2001, the group has released a number of mixtapes, EPs, singles, and in 2012 they released their first full-length album, EFUNK, which got stellar reviews.

With their new release HERE on traxsource, featuring legendary vocalist Robert Owens and remixes from the Master, Little Louie Vega, we just had caught up with the Boston duo of funk to chat about their journeys, in this brand new feature called “Our Favorite Clubs”

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Air, Tokyo.

We used to play at Eleven when we went to Tokyo, which was really special because it was where Larry Levan and a number of legends played in it’s past life as Yellow. So when Eleven closed we were pretty sad and figured we’d never find as special a home in Tokyo. Then we played at Air in January and it was even better! Good clubs in Japan have super comfortable DJ booths and dedicated sound guys that sit next to you running the mixing board all night, which means the whole experience of playing and the sound is top notch (Eleven even had a bathroom connected to the booth). What makes Air even better is the sound system. They have a classic Rey Audio sound system with the 2 massive sub woofer stacks against the left wall, not in front of the DJ. The mid-range speakers and tweeters are hung throughout the room so wherever you stand the sound is right there with you. We played an all night set with Wolf + Lamb that went from around 11pm-11am and it was such an amazing system that we kept turning the music down all night and it kept sounding better and better. We spent almost as much time on the dance as in the DJ booth because it sounded so good and the crowd was so cool, it was a epic night.

Trouw, Amsterdam.

Trouw has been one of our favourite clubs since the first time we played there on our second Euro tour ever in 2010. It’s another club that has a dedicated sound guy sitting next to the DJ booth the whole night, which guarantees that it always sounds amazing. The setup of the booth is also perfect, not raised up and only divided from the crowd by a short wall of subs. There’s a stage right behind for live acts and people dance up there once the night which means you’re surrounded by the crowd on all sides and the it’s one of the coolest, most open minded and good looking crowds in the world. We’ve played many Sunday afternoon sets at Trouw and it’s always a magical vibe. Plus they have one of the best restaurant in Amsterdam connected to the club and when we were resident of the month last year we had our own dish on the menu (! But you better get there to check it out before it’s too late, Trouw closes at the end of the year :(

Lost Beach Club, Montañita, Ecuador.

Lost Beach Club, Montañita, Ecuador – In this day and age it’s very rare that you get to DJ outside all night until the sun comes up and beyond. Warung in Brazil is one place you can do it…

and Barbarella’s Discotheque at The Garden Festival in Croatia ( is another, but our favourite has got to be Lost Beach Club. Located in the remote hippy surf town of Montañita in Ecuador you need to carry your record bag for 100 meters on the beach to get there. The vibe is super laid back and you can start with deep slow music, but as you warm up the crowd the energy gets more powerful and then people go bananas as the night goes on and the sun begins to rise. The first time we played there most of the 1000+ crowd stayed until well into the morning and we got to drop some seriously heady, soulful, groovy and tripped out music. It’s an experience we go back to over and over again!

Output, Brooklyn.

Output is where we have our residency in our current home of Brooklyn, New York. We play there all night long a few times a year as well as doing our Crew Love parties there. They have what they affectionately call the “Funktion 2” sound system, with the companies latest stacks and a special subwoofer mounted on the front of the DJ booth that is so powerful it blows air like a fan and cools you off when you stand in front of it. We always setup across from the regular booth on a slightly raised stage area and it feels like we’re right in the crowd, which is the perfect cross section of New Yorkers: black, white, latin, international, gay, straight, whatever! Adding to the vibe is the fact that they don’t allow pictures or videos so everyone is participating in the moment, which is refreshing in this age of smartphones. To top it all off the second room, called “The Panther Room, is the perfect smaller room and they have a roof with views of the city that make for epic summer parities.

Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Our spiritual home, Phoenix Landing is the first and longest running club to host underground dance music in our hometown of Boston. Redlight Productions started a Wednesday weekly there back in the mid-90’s and while passing through many hands, names and musical styles Wednesdays at the Phoenix remains Boston’s best house/techno party to this day. While we were residents and called the night Midweek Techno from 2007-2010 we had the release party for our first record, The Giraffe and we booked some serious heavy hitters like Dixon, Cassy, Heidi and many more and the relationships we built with these DJs when they came to Boston really helped to launch our career once we started touring. The current night is Re:set and we still play there a few times a year. What’s so special about the Phoenix is that it’s a tiny little Irish pub that hosts normal people events like watching sports and trivia nights, but then at night the tables come out and it transforms into Boston’s best underground club. The party ends at 1am so there are many nights when the European guest DJs don’t even realize they need to stop the music, which is always funny. To top it all off Thursdays at the Phoenix is a Drum N’ Bass night called Elements that has been running for over 15 years!

Soul Claps latest release “Misty feat. Robert Owens (incl. Louie Vega Mixes)” is out on Traxsource.

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What are your favourite clubs to go or play at? let us know in the comments section below