"From The Heart" Supporting Cancer Research


A compilation supporting cancer research and victim care. Featuring music by Steve Lawler, Joris Voorn, Mihalis Safras & CJ Jeff, Nathan Barato, Detlef, Luca Bacchetti, Macromism, Danny Howells, Daniel Dubb & more.

Release date: 13 October 2014 Worldwide. Format(s): Digital
Label: DV8
Cat#: DV8LP1

(Toronto, Canada) Daniel Dubb and DV8 are proud to announce an amazing compilation album of new music from a collection of the world’s hottest artists, all in benefit of Cancer research and victim care. “From The Heart” features music donated by house music luminaries Steve Lawler, Joris Voorn, Mihalis Safras & CJ Jeff, Nathan Barato, Detlef, Luca Bacchetti, Macromism, Danny Howells, Pele & Shawnecy, Alex:One, P- Ben, and of course Daniel himself, with the proceeds to be donated to two worthy charities. World Child Cancer treat children with cancer not fortunate enough to live in the developed world, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization.

“From the Heart is all about uniting people through quality music and a great cause,” Daniel says, “to raise money to aid people in the research and relief of cancer and cancer victims of all kinds.”

“Almost everyone I know, in some way or form has been effected — whether through a loved one or a friend — by this terrible disease. I personally have lost a handful of loved ones from cancer, and currently my mother is battling the disease for the second time in the past three years.”

“One thing a lot of people are not exposed to is the mass varieties of treatments out there,” he explains. “Our goal is to raise as much as possible to give to charities and research that are actually trying to help eliminate this deadly disease and aid the people, especially children, who cannot afford the treatments that can actually save their lives.”

The choice of where to donate the proceeds was a challenging one as Daniel explains, “In choosing a foundation it is difficult, because many have different agendas and how they use the money donated. We decided to go with the International Agency for Research on Cancer and World Child Cancer, which were both chosen by my mother after extensive research into various foundations, and their goals and objectives we felt were the best place to offer our contributions.”

The tracklist reads like a who’s who of the hottest names in house music right now, with industry icons such as Steve Lawler, Joris Voorn, and Danny Howells, alongside rising stars Mihalis Safras, Luca Bachetti, Detlef, Macromism, and Nathan Barato, to fresh upcoming talent Pele & Shawnecy and P-Ben.

“I want to thank all the artists involved in this release. Their support and contribution has brought life to a vision that could not have been possible without their friendship and a donation of their art for this cause. Their contribution and kindness has not only inspired me, but it has kept me going through this difficult time.”

“From The Heart” is out now at Traxsource via DV8.

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