Selfmade and Demer bang the drums!

The next release on Stereo Cool is finally here! Danniel Selfmade and Charlie Demer have teamed up to bring us one of their latest bombs. ‘Libre la Vida’ (meaning ‘free life’) is a chunky, hypnotic trip in the world of drums with a sensual vocal that keeps you wanting more!

Their tech version brings on the heavy weight feel, with its driving beat and percussive melody all surronded by a groovy bassline that will have you dancing from start to finish. There are 3 fantasic remixes that also come with this great EP. Supernova delivers a suburb remix with a warm groove that is reminiscent of the good ol’ Chicago house days. Undulating and sexy is the best way to describe it.


Next comes Javi Colors with his deep techy remix with a hard hitting gallop and a pure after-hours vibe. Last but not least, Tony Verdu and Jan Matthew brings an Iberican influenced, tech house bomb. Great percussion and bassline with the perfect amount of drums and accents that make for an expansive crowd pleaser! Look no further for the next tech-house bomb to hit dance-floors and be charted by DJs; as this EP puts it together in one complete package!

‘Libre La Vida’ is out now on Stereo Cool.