Audiojack - "Our 5 Favourite Clubs & Festivals"

Leeds (UK) based DJ and production outfit Audiojack is made up of Richard Burkinshaw and James Rial. Over the last decade the duo’s initial link-up on the White Island (Ibiza) has evolved to become a formidable outfit; rocking dancefloors from Brazil to Australia, unleashing a consistently high level of their own music and managing a label, Gruuv, that has maintained a sterling reputation for nurturing the very best in talent, new and old.

With their new release Stay Glued feat Kevin Knapp on Traxsource via DFTD including Sebo K, FCL, Gorge & ZDS remixes, we caught up with the Leeds duo to chat about their favorite club venues & festivals.

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Into The Woods Festival Amersfoort, Netherlands.

The setting of this festival in the middle of woodland gives it a kind of Alice In Wonderland feel and moving between the different stages feels like moving between zones on the crystal maze, we were playing on a stage that felt like some kind of spectator arena from Mad Max.

There were areas with loads of old household furniture with vintage video games and consoles where people could chill out too. The production and level of detail also translated to the tech side of things too, festivals are notorious for being really difficult to hear what you’re doing properly when mixing because of the size of the stage and monitors getting drowned out which can compromise focus a little.

The guys who curate this festival fine tuned every detail to make sure it was a pleasure to play on and as such you can deliver your A game as you’re not concentrating on trying to beat match with beats echoing all around you. The hospitality is also second to non; the guys (who are also involved in Lovelands which is also amazing) have everything from your drinks rider with personalised labels to being greeted at the stage with a nice fat Amsterdam “coffee” each. Splendid.

Club Vibe, Curitiba, Brazil.

There are so many amazing venues in Brazil to comment on but this place always remains a firm favourite with us. It’s a fairly small venue in the heart of one of Brazil’s coolest cities and if we have free time in the middle of a tour, Curitiba is where we like to stay. The crowd in Vibe is a mix of ages which in our experience is really important to bring balance to the atmosphere, and they will literally lap up anything you feel like playing. It’s the kind of place where a scheduled two hour slot will turn in to five hours and wandering out into the blinding sun, bog eyed and sweaty at 10am with the club still jumping inside.

Rex Club, Paris, France.

A classic club that many people will know but well worth a mention! It has a vintage club feel to it with lots of red lighting and a lounge kind of feel to it. It has low ceilings and as a result the sound in there is great and there are little speakers all over the ceiling back to the opposite end of the booth so you can hear the music even if you’re not stuck in down at the front. The booth is isolated so the sound from the house speakers doesn’t pollute and it’s a real pleasure to play in there. One of the best things about this place is there is no discrimination with age, there were people in their 60s and 20s dancing together on the floor with a mutual love for the old skool house that was the theme of the last time we played there, it was a really welcoming family vibe.

My House, Leeds, UK.

In the years leading up to the formation of Audiojack we’d frequent these hallowed grounds when Back to Basics had it’s weekly Saturday night and hoped that one day we’d have the opportunity to stand on the other side of the glass that separated the DJs from the dancefloor.

In 2007 when we’d been signed to 2020 Vision we were given the opportunity and it was one of our most memorable moments to date. The Basics crowd were always one of if not the most up for it around and when we went on at 4am to play for 2 hours they were bouncing at the front and cheering for the duration just absolutely lost in the music and atmosphere. No one making videos or standing around looking moody, just pure rave.

We were due to close at 6am but they let us keep playing until 7am and that was how it was there, bending the rules to keep the party going. We played there several times after that and it was always a show we’d look forward to for many weeks leading up to it. One of the nice things about that venue was it had lots of rooms to explore, there was a nice outside area under a marquee which occasionally had acts playing and then two more floors above, one of which held events put on by local collectives such as the now notorious Ketaloco or Push:On and the other room playing disco and slower jams. It was one of the first venues in Leeds to get a Funktion One system in there too and the sound on the dance floor was always spot on, loud enough to put a thud in your chest but crystal clear at the same time.

Revolver, Melbourne, Australia.

This club in a sense is Australia’s answer to Beghain, not by size or music policy but in the sense that it’s doors remain open all weekend from Thursday evening to Monday and it’s been said there have been people enter after work on a Thursday and stumble out on a Monday morning. It’s a dark and dingy little venue inside but that gives it an air like a speak easy in prohibition where people congregate to have fun away from the prying eyes of the outside world. The appeal of Revolver is that Melbourne people go there to dance and hang out, often not caring who’s playing but just knowing that if you go there you’re going to have fun in a relaxed environment with like-minded people.

Audiojacks latest release “Stay Glued” ft Kevin Knapp is out on Traxsource via DFTD Records.



Any of you seen Audiojack LIVE at the clubs they listed? let us know in the comments below