Stretch Silvester In The Hot Seat

London DJ/Producer veteran Stretch Silvester continues to release dance music that penetrates both the commercial charts and underground clubs. You may remember him as one half of Stretch & Vern from his hit single ‘I’m Alive’. As well as selling well over half a million singles ‘I’m Alive’ featured on Coca Cola ad campaigns, was Radio One A-listed for over two months and has stayed on the airwaves ever since.

As well as being a worldwide DJ, his studio output has seen him collaborate and write for a whole host of artists and producers. Under different guises he has released records under such pseudonyms as Stretch & Vern, ColourSound, Sucker DJs and Paradise Soul. Over the years he has remixed such iconic acts as Pulp, Robbie Williams, Spice Girls, Westbam, St.Etienne, Simply Red and U2.

With Stretch Silvester & Sterling Voids Its Gonna Be Alright project hitting Traxsource on Black Rock Recordings, we sat down with him to chat about the release revival, the current state of house music & more in this EXCLUSIVE Q&A!

1) Hey Stretch, nice talking to you again, where are you and how do you feel?

I’m in my studio (as always) and I feel extremely good thanks… (two Coffees and a home made smoothie and ready to go)

2) Let’s talk about the current release of “Its Gonna Be Alright” on Black Rock, what was the main inspiration behind its revival and what prompted its bumpy musical direction?

Ok, well I was approached by Sterling to have a go at remaking the track. This was a challenge I was up for as I’ve always loved the original. I decided there and then to take it somewhere else than the big piano and that awesome original bass, I love them dearly but i have heard it done so many time before, so I wanted to do my own take without them. I have a bunch of tracks out on motion (Black Rock’s sister label) and like my relationship with them, so it was a no brainer to take it to the excellent Black Rock stable.

“Its Gonna Be Alright” is out now at Traxsource.

3) We are assuming that “Its Alright” is as massive a classic in your book as ours – did you have any hesitation approaching such a seminal anthem?

No hesitation at all. I’ve handled Candi Staton – Your Love, Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body and acts like Fatboy Slim,Felix The Housecat, Westbam, Wildchild, U2 and the likes, so this was another tasty challenge for me. Bring em’ on!

4) A lot of people may not know, you’ve produced under many different guises, tell us a few of your pseudonyms you’ve released records with over the years.

Very true too. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with such talented friends. I’ve had a lot of success with various guises and partnerships. So many tracks, so many labels and a ridiculous amount of Remixes done as: Stretch & Vern, Coloursound, Sucker DJ’s , Paradise Soul and on and on. A lot under my belt at the moment. I’m flying solo.

5) Hailing from the UK, what’s you’re opinion on the current state of house music?

Yea Boy, I think the UK scene is rocking at the moment. We got great new talent rising up all the time and us old’ ones are still showing the way. Great bands, great dance music and of course new genres are always emerging. The chart is rife at the moment with dance music.

I do think we, as artists and DJ’s, have to go further afield to get our props and proper backing, success as an unstated rule we in the UK are reserved about success and its very competitive between some of the labels. It’s good to reach out to my USA, Australian and European brothers and sisters, they get behind me 100% and always have.

6) If you could collaborate with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Quincy Jones. Have complete access to all his Musicians/Orchestra/Vocalist (though I’d bring a few to the table) and make an epic album fit to last forever. That would make me very happy indeed.. Have a word. ;)

7) Where can we catch you performing next?

Well, I’m all over the place this month in Oct but I’ll be at my three residencies as usual.

18th Oct – The Source Bar, Maidstone, UK
11th & 31st Oct -The Kings Head Members Bar, London UK and
25th Oct Nude Disco,Electric Social,London, UK (run by Vern my brother from another mother)

for updates follow me: * for more.

7) And finally, any last bits you would like to tell us?

I’ve currently got two tracks in the DMC Buzz Chart at no.6 & 15. The future looks exciting…

I have lots of new music (some killer Collaborations) finished and awaiting release on Black Rock including an artist album in 2015 and another Sterling Void remake.

Also got new music signed to motion and Afro Acid labels including a DJ Pierre (Wild Pitch) Rework… new music coming on Nocturnal Groove and Glamour Punk and a handful of Remixes to boot… thanks for yours and everyone involved’‘ full support and kindness… makes it all worth while!

Remember: Music isn’t just for Christmas or Party’s or even just for the weekend… it’s for life. Keep on Truckin’!

Stretch Silvesters artist page & releases on Traxsource.

Stretch Silvester