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Berlin, Hamburg residents Hauke Freer, Matthias Reiling aka Session Victim are the antithesis to both the superstar DJ and the hipster DJ. You won’t find them dressed head to toe in black wearing skinny jeans and a neckerchief and you won’t find them playing the same set more than once. What they play depends on you and each other and the beauty of this never ever yields the same result.

With regards to their mind set when it comes to music production, Hauke & Matthias don’t care about the boundaries of house music, taking it from Disco to Soul to Hip-hop and back, stamping love on every groove and leaving a smile on everyone’s faces. Respect labels likes Compost, Delusions Of Grandeur, Cr2, Wolf Music, Permanent Vacation & Z Records have sign up their projects & they have the likes of Jimpster, Sebo K, The Revenge and Mr Scruff regularly supporting their music.

With Session Victim’s latest release See You When You Get There Part One out now on Traxsource via Delusions Of Grandeur, we caught up with the boys and asked them to share 5 of their own most influential trax.

1. Session Victim ­- Bison – Delusions Of Grandeur

This is a song we did with Quarion after a long party in Hamburg at Matthias’ place in the morning. Great memories from that jam and one of our favourites of the LP.

2. Session Victim ­- Random Blues -­ Wolf Music

Before this got released in 2013, we had it as a jam thing in our live-set but never planned to turn it into an actual song. The Wolf Crew liked it so much that it finally found its way onto a great EP along beautiful tracks by Medlar, Squarehead and Ishmael.

3. Session Victim -­ Large Processor -­ Permanent Vacation

When Permanent Vacation asked us to contribute a song for their “If this is House … zwei” compilation in 2011 we were sitting in Hamburg listening to an old Rap tape and this Shyheim song was playing. We thought “Let’s do it and lets take this vocal sample and put it into a new context” Well, that’s what we did that day.

4. Session Victim ­ Light Scent Of Decay ­ Delusions of Grandeur

The closing track from our debut album “The Haunted House Of House”. One of the first collaborations with our friend Linnart on guitar, this one felt like we extended our creative playground a little. Also the longest song we ever produced.

5. Session Victim ­- Time To Let You Down ­- Delusions of Grandeur

Taken from our Million Dollar Feeling EP on Delusions of Grandeur in 2011. One day after we finished the track, we were listening to it, looking at each other like “How did we do this?” We tried a different approach on the arrangement than we usually do but that was not the point. We just can’t really remember how it all came together and that adds a little scary note to it, which is good we think. :)

Session Victim’s latest release “See You When You Get There Part One” is out now on Traxsource.

Session Victim

Delusions of Grandeur

Session Victim’s latest Traxsource Chart

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