Ultra Nate' delivers 'God's Message'

Headlining Underground Collective’s next release is none other than legendary vocal diva Ultra Nate’. Together with top DJ/producer/remixer and UC label boss, Marlon D, they bring ‘God’s Message’ to the masses.

Marlon D

With Martino (83 West) blazing some deep infectious Keys, Souldynamic rocking the old school 90’s Vibe, Seascape working the future deep house sound, Deepshakerz merging the UCTEK Mixes, and Jose Carretas keeping it very classy, this release is sure to stay in your Cd wallet for ages to come.

News.Traxsource caught up with Ultra to find out more…

It seems as this release on Underground Collective is getting a lot of hype and play from many of the biggest underground dj’s in the world, How do you feel about breaking big again in the underground scene as opposed to a more commercial setting?

I think it’s great! The underground scene is and always has been a part of my life. It’s the scene that nurtured me as an artist and allowed my career to blossom. As far as “breaking big”…in any scene that’s great! LOL, everyone wants their work to be appreciated but it’s also just as important to be consistent. Success happens at varying degrees so I keep it in perspective. I’ve seen my face go by on buses and that’s dope but it’s just as important to me when someone on the other side of the planet names some obscure..maybe not “commercially’ successful record I’ve done and says the song spoke to them…saved them…enlightened, encouraged or comforted them. That’s just as important for my soul as it is for my pocket.

Your new record God’s message is very powerful what can we expect from all of these efforts, tell us a little bit about the project?

I’ve been a fan of Marlon’s sound for a while and a few years ago I reached out to him for a remix on another artists’ project. In that process we talked about doing something for UC which I was totally into…I think they put out good stuff. Marlon went to work on a concept…sent me what he came up with…which was excellent…loved it at first listen. I then recorded my end of things in Jersey with George Mena and the rest is history. Painless…! Just the way it should be…

We hear through the grapevine that you tear it up as a dj, what’s your biggest 3 records right now in the clubs and what’s your favorite club to play at?

Wow…nail it down to 3?! That’s hard for a Pisces… Um…at this very moment…a Quentin Harris remix of Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, a Tedd Patterson remix of Teddy Douglas & Margaret Grace My Love Is Not Blind’ and Doug Willis’ ‘Dougswana’ (Audiowhores Beats). Of course my favorite place to play would be my monthly Deep Sugar party which takes place every 2nd Saturday at The Paradox here in Baltimore. The Paradox is one of the few super underground clubs of the Paradise Garage (NY), Warehouse (Chicago) style left on the East Coast.

How does your approach to preparing for a live show where you sing differ from your dj sets?

Knowing what type of crowd your going to be in front of is necessary for both. However, when I spin I only spin deep house with a tinge of soul tech..disco/classics whatever…I’m all over the map but in a soulful pocket. For live shows singing..if it’s a commercial event then those are the mixes of my songs I would perform…what makes sense in that format. I also need to be a bit more comfortable as far as clothing when I dj as opposed to singing. You always have to represent but I can’t dj for hours wearing 6 inch stilettos and a corset whittlling my waist to single digits (well I can if i have to but it’s not fun)! When I’m performing all those aesthetics are important but when I’m dj’ing I want people to focus on dancing and partying with me not worrying about what shoes I have on.

What advice would you give to a new artist?

Experiment musically…have a good image…have fun with the process…know the business…get good management…don’t be afraid to fail and be prepared to spend your own money.

What particular artists have influenced your sound?

Way too many to name…I listen to all kinds of music and i draw from everything. I’m hypersensitive to music and I value that.

What music projects are you excited about and looking forward to for the future? What should we keep our eyes out for?

I’m very excited about this release with Marlon…I dropped it at Deep Sugar last week and it rocked the house! It was dark, deep and primal…they loved it. I have an upcoming release with David Morales from his new album on Ultra Records called ‘Planet Called Love’ out next month. I like to work with people who’s music I respect and who have appeal with different fan bases in the house music community. I’m also preparing my next commercial single release ‘Everybody Loves The Night’ and the album ‘Hero Worship’ for that market early 2013. While simultaneously working on an album with Quentin Harris that’s more in the pocket of my alt rock/funk leanings (anyone that knows my albums over the years understands what that means). I’m about to release a tight remix package on Chris Burns’ EP in mid December on my label 410 Paradox Underground. It all keeps me crazy busy but it’s great to have these various projects moving and shaking after all these years in the business!

‘God’s Message’ is out now on Underground Collective